Saturday 13 December 2014

Stocking Fillers For Day 13

Today is a fun one to think about. Stocking fillers or stocking stuffers as we call it here. How many little bookish things can one fit into a stocking?

I think outside of a bookshop my favourite shop would have to be a stationary store. I love stationary. I love the pens, the blank journals, the exercise books, the notepads, the post it notes. I don't think it matters what it is. I just love to walk around a stationary store and look at everything. 

If someone was going to fill a stocking for me I think I might put some of the following in it.

I love bookmarks. I often make my own out of various pictures from magazines and then laminate them. But if someone was filling my stocking there is a good selection in bookstores and department stores.

 Cute notepads. Not just plain old blank paper to keep those To Do lists or grocery lists. I want to write on something that is cute or clever.
 Colourful pencils, post it notes and containers to keep those things in. Stationary stores and gift shops often have beautiful or quirky things such as this.

 Fountain pens with various nibs for writing or calligraphy. Not that I do calligraphy as I can barely draw a straight line with a ruler but I love writing with a fountain pen. A crisp clean piece of white paper and watch the ink being applied to it in the form of a letter or notes from a book.

Did I mention some of us in the older population need reading glasses? Not just any reading glasses. Something with a dash of colour or an interesting design. That way when you are reading a good book and someone comes into the room to bother you, you can look up with the glasses on your nose and give them a look that means "Don't come one step closer" or "Go away, I'm reading."

You get it.  What things will go into your stocking this year?

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