Saturday 29 October 2016

Goodbye Blogspot- Hello Wordpress

Please go to  (our new home)

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I have been thinking of transferring the Penguin and myself to wordpress for quite awhile now but thought the effort might be too much.

However as I travelled through the UK and signed in and our of various servers blogspot just couldn't handle it.  First I lost my blog roll.  Then my stats were acting up.
When I lost the tabs that linked all of my Penguin series in my large vintage Penguin collection I spat the dummy so to speak.

I was afraid the entire blog of several years of posts and the long lists of my collection would completely disappear.  I have watched other bloggers over the years transfer to word press and thought now is the time to learn new skills. Just in time to set everything up for 2017.

I tend to learn technology fairly quickly but there are some areas of wordpress I am confused by but I will work it out.

I will keep this blog address in the blogroll list in our new house (so to speak) so old posts can still be found.

2017 is fast approaching and I am looking forward to new challenges, new books, new travels and new books in my collection in a new home.  Please bear with us as we stumble around finding our way for a couple of months.

The Penguin and I....

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