Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I Judged This By Its Cover- Day 9

The Penguin Challenge of 25 Book Information for December continues. 
Today's missive is:   I Judged This By Its Cover.

Tell me book covers have no bearing on what we think of a book. I know that is not true.  I love book covers. I love book covers with illustrations designed by the myriad of clever artists around the world. I do not love photographs on book covers.  There are old Penguin books that have photographs on their covers and those are my least favourite.  I think they really take away from the enjoyment of the book. But then that's just me.

The Penguin boxed set of 20 English Journeys have beautiful covers. They are slim little volumes about the various types of walks and travels within the UK.  When I first saw them the covers represented to me the English covers. Although I am an American Australian now living in Australia I continue to love the covers of English countrysides.  They exude gentleness, nature and interesting history or landscape to discover. These 20 covers really represent that to me. They are very simple and the colours are pastel. They are gentle. They are interesting. I hope you enjoy them too.

Do book covers draw you in to their ambience too?

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