Monday, 22 December 2014

Day 22- Almost Christmas & The Double Dare Looms

The Penguin Book challenge wants me to think of my favourite festive scene in a book. Well I have wracked my brain and I know I've read about Christmas scenes but I just can't think of any except the Christmas day that Scrooge has when he stops being Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. by Charles Dickens.  I love that story.

So instead I am going to veer onto something happening at the beginning of 2015.

That is another session of the Double Dog dare. This is a dare to read only the books you own until the 1st of April.  Well I don't do a lot of challenges but I am going to do this.

First off I have deleted all the Candy Crush, Scrabble and Match 3 games off my Samsung tablet. Instead of reading the books on the Kindle app I kept getting distracted.  Those games are gone because they are infuriating, time wasting, addictive pursuits I don't need.  That part of my life is gone.

2015 will have me reading the books I have on my shelves and anyone who reads this blog knows that is quite a few.  I am looking forward to seeing what is there and writing about those books. There will be two books that are exceptions. Those are the Feb. and March book club books.They need to be read by the first of the month for discussion.

The Feb. book is The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Murakami.  I have not looked up the March book yet.  I have started the Murakami book and so far so good.

If you're interested in the Double Dog Dare and only reading your own books (except book clubs or other commitments) head over to James Reads Books (here) and sign up. It only lasts until 1 April but you can choose to just do a month or two if you like.

I'm ready for 2015 to begin.

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