Friday 12 December 2014

Penguin December Meme - Day 12

Today we are on Day 12 for the Book a Day Challenge by Penguin. Today's topic is a Book of Poems.

When I was in school so many years ago I was introduced to Walt Whitman and Robert Frost. They were the poets, along with Emily Dickinson that everyone had to read. I loved Walt Whitman then and I love him probably more now.  I think he was a gorgeous looking person and I loved his words. I used to study his books and underline everything in them that seemed relevant to my life. I don't do that anymore but there is a sense of real nostalgia. When I read him I see the midwestern small town and farming communities I grew up with. I can feel the country and the farms and youth.
I would have loved to have known this man.

Robert Frost was another poet I loved as much but never quite as much as Walt Whitman. These are the two poets I think of today.
Lovely cover isn't it.
Who is your favourite poet?

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