Thursday 11 December 2014

A Christmas Classic -Penguin Challenge Day 11

The month of December seems to be flying by but I think this whole year has flown by. Yet when I look back on the events of last January they seem a long time ago.

The Penguin Publishers Christmas List challenge is at day 11 today. It ends on Christmas Day. The topic for today is Christmas Classic Book.

I think each of us has our own favourite book but when I looked up Christmas Classic books online the two main ones that came up were A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and The Night Before Christmas.  When we were growing up in midwest America The Night Before Christmas was our main classic.  I still have my mother's old paper copy of The Night Before Christmas. It is a very large though very thin book. It is also very fragile and it now occupies a safe place on the bookshelf propped up by the end of the shelf.

I didn't discover A Christmas Carol until later in life. I loved it and have read it several times.  When I was working in education after first moving to Australia I enjoyed some of the Australian Christmas books though I am not sure that they were classics. They weren't for me but they may be the choice for other Australian families. These are the books.  What is your standby for Christmas?

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