Sunday 7 December 2014

Penguin Challenge Day 7 - Childhood Favourite

There were quite a few books a child could become engrossed in during the 1950's. It seems so long ago.  I remember going to the library with a girlfriend and we would look at everything. We thought there were so many books but now in hindsight I see it was really quite small.

There was a smaller bookshelf away from the main children's books. They had biographies of famous people. The ones that stick in my mmd were Madame Curie, Ben Franklin, Louis Pasteur and Amelia Earhart. I read every biography on these shelves and they were probably the most influential books on my thinking.

Black Beauty came a close second and I have read that book countless time. So sad but a good ending.

Then there were the Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden mysteries. I loved that. I read everyone in the series. They were wonderful.

The cozy read would have to go to Laura Ingalls Wilder for the series of Little House on the Prairie. Never was hardship cloaked in so much love.

What did you read as a child that was your favourite?

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