Wednesday 10 December 2014

Day 10 Already - Penguin December Challenge

Day 10 brings us my LATEST PURCHASE.

I have to say I am loving this book and I can't wait to finish it so I can tell everyone about it. I love books that take place in New York City. I love books where people walk everywhere and discover little hidey-holes or big meadows or quaint villages. When people journey by foot I feel like I am with them discovering new food, interesting people,  lovely shops. This book has all of that and more and I will write about it when I finish it.

Lily Brett is the author of this recently published book. Lily Brett who grew up in Melbourne Australia but now lives in New York City with her husband. She has been there long enough to qualify as a New Yorker.  The book is :

Yesterday I was looking for beautiful covers of books in my collection. Isn't this one a dandy? Love this little snippet of the New York skyline.  There you have it- my most recent purchase.  What has been your most recent book acquisition?

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