Wednesday 24 December 2014

Day 24- Penguin Challenge (Almost Done)

Day 24 of the Penguin Challenge has us asking what will we leave for Father Christmas?  Well he's a very busy man this time of year. I think he has enough milk and cookies. Though my mother tells me that once when we were children we wanted to leave him a martini with a couple of olives in it.  I always thought that was weird in a funny sort of way.  Or funny in a weird sort of way.

I think I am going to leave Father Christmas a small book.  It will have a plain cover that reads simply "Father Christmas". He will open it and find one page in this book. Then there will be a very plain back cover. White maybe. The book will be a book of illustrations or I should say illustration. It will remind Father Christmas what he can expect on Boxing Day when his work is done.

I think all of us can appreciate this particular illustration.  Enjoy Christmas. I hope the day after Christmas brings you rest, relaxation, a good book and even better leftovers.

Source: The Book Club's Facebook page. 

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