Friday, 16 May 2014

The Book Phantom Strikes

Today was a beautiful autumm day (24 degrees C- 78 F).  I decided to load up 19 books and let the Book Phantom distribute them. As previous posts have indicated the Book Phantom rides around on Penguin Hunter II (my 350 cc Italian scooter) and delivers second hand books in various places.  I attach a note to the front cover saying finders of the books may contact me at BookPhantom (at)    I have only released 4 books previously but today I released 17 in quite a large area south of here.

I took pictures of the places where I left them and I'll be sure to post any responses I get to the email address. Someone is bound to write to me sooner or later.  Here are the release spots. Fingers crossed !
This is a spot that sells fresh grown tomatoes on the honour system for $2.00 a bag. I hope they don't think I left a book instead of payment as I did pay for the tomatoes.

 I left two books in a phone booth down the road from where I live.
 This bus station sits out in the bush up the road a bit.
 I left these books at Fern Tree at a bus stop near the start of the pinnacle road going up Mt. Wellington.  That's Penguin Hunter II in the foreground. Isn't he pretty?
There is a park about 10 km up the road and this little stone hut is there. Inside is a table next to a reading chair (no kidding) and there are two benches with foam covers on it. You could almost live here. I left a couple of books here.

This is a park in the little town of Margate, south of Hobart. There is a people park, children's play area and dog area that is fenced. There is also a kiosk.  These BBQ's were at the outer edge of the people area.
There were some other bus stops I stopped at but they're all green and looked like the ones above so I thought two were enough. You get the idea.


  1. This sounds like huge fun. I hope you get some replies soon.

  2. I totally love this idea! What a good (book) fairy you are!

  3. I did the whole Book Crossing thing a few years ago. I remember how it felt like I was committing a crime, in a good kind of thrilling way, the first few times I released a book.

    Hope you get lots of replies.


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