Sunday 18 May 2014

Sweet Things for a Sunday

This past week had a few things happen that made me smile. 

 A couple of my good friends and I had our three monthly girl's night out. After a beautiful garlic pizza and chicken toscano we had this beautiful creme brulee' with pistachio ice cream.  It was by far the high moment of my week.

My beautiful cats Uncle Buck and Cousin Eddie  are starting to bond with each other and become good friends.  Uncle Buck has been with us 8 years and Eddie is only 6  months and just got his big kitty teeth.

Sure enough, there were baby ducks to watch out for in this area. I love this sign and am happy the community I was riding through takes care of its water fowl.

That's it. What nice things happened to you this week??

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  1. Girls night out is the best! Have a great week, Pam.


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