Sunday 11 May 2014

A Bit of a Catch Up

I thought I would catch people up and tie up some loose ends.  I haven't featured sweet things the past two weeks because it's been a bit crazy around here and quite frankly I haven't done anything that's sweet.  I'll have to remedy that the next week.

I have a stack of books I want to release into the wild with the Book Phantom.  I have released 5 books to date but no reply from the note tucked inside with the Book Phantom's email address. So I don't know what happened to them.  I'm hoping when I release the next batch (when the wind dies down a bit and I can get the scooter out again) I'll hear from someone. I'll let you know.

I hope you get coffee/tea in bed for Mother's Day
The Monopoly challenge is waiting in a queue.  I must read a book with an orange cover which is not a problem with so many Penguin books in the house. But I've been working on my Penguin History of the World and finished Lois on the Loose and the Heart is a Lonely Hunter. Need to finish up the book for June book club.  I also have a Spin book coming up on Monday so waiting to see what that choice is. It's all go with books right now.  Did I also say I am looking at a 1927 travel book too? It is a lovely book. It is on my spin list and it would be grey if that number came up. Fortunately I've got my reading streak back. Probably because the weather has been quite wintry though the sun shines.

Starting to act like winter around here.
All the animals are doing well. They are so cute. I took them (dogs) to the beach yesterday and it truly was a dog's day out. Mother's Day weekend had the shops full and the dog beach busy. They got to socialize with lots of different dogs and I think 5 years dropped off from my old dog Wally.  He was Mr. Social Butterfly.

The beach just wore me out. All those cute little dogs.

That is about all that is new around here today. Worked in the garden and did lots of pruning on Friday so now it's all about getting all that mess up off the ground and into the trash pak for the guy to pick up.

Last but not least, thank you Simon, of Savidge Reads (here) for featuring my bookshelves.  I have enjoyed it and hopefully more people will visit the Penguin here. 

Hope all of you have a happy Mother's day whether you're a mother or not.  A good day for family and to relax and enjoy all that is life.

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