Monday, 5 May 2014

Monopoly Challenge Contined...

I have finished the challenge of the Electric Company. That was to read a book with a cover that depicted a daytime scene on the cover. If you look at the cover of The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, the Penguin Modern classic of this book does that.

I have now gone to and rolled the di again. It came up on St. James Place and I am supposed to read a book that is the following:

ST. JAMES PLACE: Read a book with a mostly orange cover OR a book whose title starts with J or P OR a book set in Europe OR a book by an author whose first or last initial can be found in “STJAMES”.

As I collect vintage Penguin books this will be a walk in the park. So many Penguins with orange covers. I just need to go find one on the shelf, read it, review it and I'll be back with it.  I am enjoying this challenge. It is heaps of fun, gives a lot of choice and keeps me reading. Can't ask for anything more than that.

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