Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sweet Things That Happened During the Week

Last week was a pretty good week. I was able to get out and about and noticed a few really lovely things. Hope your week was okay too.

I went to the library and because I got a good car park I was able
to take time for a cup of coffee in the library cafe.  Notice how coffee 
always plays a part in my "sweet weeks" ?

I went to the garden store and bought some colour
to give to my little Buddhist monk I have in the back patio
area for Easter. I thought he looked most Easter-y.

This is the coffee shop we meet at in Eastern Hobart. It is called
Moto-Vechio and they have restored motorbikes around the
edges of it. Old tables and chairs and big couches to sit on.
They also give our Ulysses motorbike club a 10% discount.
We stop by here before our midweek fortnightly rides to socialise.

Back in town again I was walking back to the spot I had parked
my motorbike and between two large buildings this tribute
to Antarctica was on display.  I forget that there are sculptures
around the city at different points celebrating Mawson's adventures
and Antarctica.   Hobart is the last point south in Australia before
you get to Antarctica and we are known as the Gateway to Antarctica. 
Many of their big ships come here. I love these penguin sculptures. 


  1. What a lovely week. I'm glad you had a good Easter, Pam. Mine was quiet but peaceful - except for Phoebe catching a mouse which was upsetting even though I know it's instinctual. We had rain for the garden & then yesterday was sunny enough to get out & do some weeding & pulling out of tomato plants. Lots of reading, walking, coffee (of course) & I watched a couple of movies including Miracle in the Rain with Jane Wyman & Van Johnson. What a sad movie! Back to work this morning.

    1. Hi Lyn, Jane Wyman and Van Johnson- I remember watching them. My mother is an old movie addict and we always watched these old movies. Glad you had a good Easter. All the book bloggers are going into spring so nice to hear from one going into winter in Australia.

  2. I don't blame you for having coffee as part of your sweet week, each week. Especially the ones you've pictured! How fun to have a place to socialize with your friends, with the bikes around you, and I love the monk humbly holding his flowers.

  3. I have had a lovely week too. You have made me want to write about it now!

  4. Thanks Bellezza and thanks Elaine. Elaine you should write about what happens to you. A few little tidbits and photos to lighten up our week. It's great fun. So far this week I'm finding it hard to find anything. It's all medical appointments and grocery shopping. Will have to look harder.

  5. Love your monk Pam. He looks very peaceful, especially holding the purple flowers. Frances

    1. I am very fond of monks, both garden variety and real. They always have an aura of peace about them. Thanks Frances.


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