Saturday, 5 April 2014

Lovely Things From My Week

I follow Dolce Bellezza's blog (here) and every so often she puts up sweet things that happen in her week.  I thought, "what a great idea" because life often throws curve balls at you and I for one get a bit tired of all the nasty news in the media, the whinging people who carry on about nothing important so I decided to follow suits.

I think I will try to photograph three things a week that stand out as really nice. So this was my week.

Sharing a friend's birthday.

Attending Lady Windermere's Fan at the Playhouse Theatre
after reading it in my Play Reading class.

Enjoying a cappuccino after a long motorbike ride with friends.


  1. What a lovely idea! I have become a pessimist and have learned to always wait for the other shoe to drop, afraid the gods will notice I'm happy and come thundering down on me. I think I've come to this with age because I remember that when I was in my 30's, I told my mother, who was a worrier but who found joy in life, that worrying was mostly useless. It still is, of course, but I do it more and more, visualizing a grim future. Thanks for reminding me that life is what it is and that there's no point in not enjoying the small and the big pleasures all around us.

  2. I'm so thrilled you put up your "sweet things" from the week as well! I love how it helps us focus on the good, as well as giving insight into one another's lives. I think I'll make it a weekly thing where people can link up because I love reading other's posts such as yours. Xo

  3. I think this is a lovely idea :) I have Lady W's Fan on my TBR stacks - and I've been meaning to read more Wilde. I like to read a play before I see it, if possible, because otherwise I sometimes have trouble following the dialogue - especially when it's something fast-paced like Wilde.


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