Saturday, 1 February 2014

The World In Your Kitchen 2014

In the quest for blog diversity I am adding a monthly food item to the blog.  I hadn't thought of it before but this year's calendar has a recipe a month. We always choose our yearly calendar carefully because after all you have to look at it for a year.

This year is The World In Your Kitchen and features 12 Vegetarian recipes from African, Asia and Latin America.

Each month has a recipe to try from these countries.

We tested the January recipe and as it turned out to be very good I decided to incorporate this calendar into a monthly posting.

It will feature on the first week of the month. This month (Feb) will feature January's task and it gave me a month to get around to it.

I hope people enjoy it.  Since I'm doing this at the beginning of the month I have moved the Good Reads Author of the Month to the 15th of the month.  We shouldn't do everything at the beginning of months. It becomes a bit too anal.

I hope you enjoy this feature and I can tell you the Travellin' Penguin thought January's recipe was a good change from fish. I'm trying to get him to expand his eating routines a little. He's a little fixated on fish.

 The recipe for January is Pad Thai.
What I did with it was to prepare all the ingredients in the morning. I got many small bowls I keep in the cupboard out and went through the list one at a time.  It looked daunting but it really didn't take me more than half an hour.  I left the bean sprouts out because I couldn't find any and I don't like them much anyway. Too stringy.

I used electronic (cheap ones) scales that have setting for both metric and imperial weights.  I find them really easy when I get into my American cookbooks.

Now I can read this okay but if you have a problem email me and I'll be happy to send you a better version of it.

Once assembled I put all the bowls of ingredients next to the stove except the egg and tofu which I would keep in the fridge. In future I don't think I would crack the egg until evening when I needed it b/c it settled a bit.

Once we decided to eat, later that day I oiled up a big pan and followed the directions.  It took 20 to thirty minutes to cook it up and add a small salad.  As there were only 2 of us the portions were more than enough and we had plenty for another meal.  I must say though it wasn't as good the next day like chile or pasta is.  So would be good if you had people over or a family of four with a big green salad.

At the time I made this I hadn't come across the idea to share it with readers so I'm sorry I didn't photograph the final picture.  Next time I will do so. It turned out quite nice but would be great to put a bit of tabasco across the top if you want it spicier. We have volcanic tongues in this household.

Well bon appétit and we'll be back with the books soon. I have an exciting project coming up soon and I will be finalising that soon. I can't wait to start implementing it and you'll be the first to know about it very soon.  Stay tuned in the next week for the Book Phantom.

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