Saturday 15 February 2014

Week's Catch Up

Odie wants to know if this is safe. He's already worked out the claws. 
Well things are settling down a bit and life is getting back to normal.  Since we lost our cat Koko to snake bite we're finally starting to feel a bit better. Now I must say Cousin Eddie has helped a great deal with that.  Cousin Eddie is a 11 week old (I think he's younger) tabby cat from the RSPCA that came in with a bunch of tabby cats who needed a home. Though we weren't ready to replace Koko, being the realists we are Eddy needed a home and there were 12 or more others that also needed rehoming.

So home he came. He completely threw off the dog's life for a couple of days but now everyone has settled and we're enjoying his lively antics.

Death At Swaythling Court, Tour De Force, Trial & Error, Plunder of the Sun,
Christmas at Candleshoe, Miss Marple and the Thirteen Problems, Royal Bed
Bed for a Corpse, Death Under Sail, The Black Stage and Mystery in the Channel
On the book side of things I have had a windfall of Penguins.  Seems they are coming at me from every direction. Our local Cracked and Spineless second hand book store received two boxes of mainly green Penguins so I was lucky enough they put some aside for me. They are a quirky book store with an even quirkier Facebook page (here) if you're interested in having a look.  They really look out for me and gave me a good deal on these ten books. (Mind you I pay for their salaries I'm in there so much.

I have a good collection of these Penguin green crime books but I was able to find 10 I didn't have. All first published and I'm quite happy with that.

Penguin Poets: John Donne, Thomas Hardy
Robert Graves and the Penguin Book of Comic
and Curious Verse. Beautiful covers.
Then yesterday out of the blue the phone rang and a woman who works part time in a local Op shop was downsizing some of her book collection. She had seen my Travellin' Penguin card and called up to see if I was interested.

Twenty five books later I continue to add to the collection.  A couple I have already but several were as new because she bought them and always thought she'd read them but ran out of time.  She's older now and wants to move them on.  There were some from the main series, some Penguin Poets I coveted and some original Penguin Classics I didn't have. I left the vintage Pelicans behind because I have to draw the line somewhere. I was quite pleased with the lot for $1.00 per book.

What am I reading this week?  I am reading a wonderfully quirky book A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki.  I will have more to say about that later. I am only 96 (out of 422 pages) into it but I'm trying to get it done before our book club talks about it the first week of March. I need to read 25 pages a day to get it done. So far I'm ahead of that.

I hope everyone else is having a decent week and if you know anything about any of these books or if you'd like to sign up to babysit Cousin Eddie when I'm trying to catalogue my books or work on my jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces I'd appreciate it.


  1. Cousin Eddie is gorgeous - as is the look on the dog's face! So glad things are looking up in your neck of the woods. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Thanks Vicki, it's great to hear from you. Spending the weekend sorting Penguin books. It's never ending!

  3. That look is familiar, I have a rescue dog and three rescue cats one of which is particularly fond of Lily (dog) and loves to curl up close to her, she gets that must you get so close look, as far as she is concerned cats are just all teeth and claws waiting for an opportunity to strike somewhere soft.
    Love the green penguins, daughter has just discovered classic crime and can't get enough of the old green penguins and the recent reprints in the new green penguin range.

  4. Glad your daughter has discovered green Penguins. Lots of great reading there. The dog (Odie) is so afraid he'll do something wrong and get in trouble so he goes along with everything whether he's comfortable or not. He's so funny.

  5. I'll be curious to hear what you think about A Tale for the Time Being. I've enjoyed two of her previous books and have a copy of this on my shelf, but haven't been inspired to read it... yet.

  6. I'd not heard of her until my book club picked this book. Will let you know. I'm about halfway through it now.
    Need to finish it by first week in March for meeting.


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