Sunday 24 November 2013

Travelling Offers Little Time for Reading

Okay, I am trying to catch up but haven't had a lot of time.  Am reading and will write about some of that later on but I can say the best book I've read lately is called  Stop What You're Doing and Read This.  It is a collection of essays written by writers such as Jeanette Winterson, Zadie Smith and Mark Haddon to name a few.

I would read an essay or two each night before lights out and I think it is one of the most inspiring reads about reasons to read I have come across in ages.  I will definitely reread it once I get home because I'd like to pay more attention to it.

There were so many quotes I'd like to share and it is the first book I have gone through with a pen, yes not pencil, but a pen and marked thought after thought so I could come back to them.

I would like to share some of those quotes at the end of future
posts and I know the Travellin' Penguin would get a big kick out of them as well.

I think I may do a bit of that in the future.  It's lovely to read other people's thoughts about what they read and also why they read.  So many different thoughts out there in the world about books, E-books and other forms of writing.

I find as I sit in airports I cannot concentrate reading much because of the noise. I need a quiet environment to read these days so once I get on the plane I reach into my stash of newspaper pages, Sunday supplements, previously cut out articles and small books of essays or short stories as well as magazines.  It is only the long haul overseas flights where I can actually settle into a novel as I find watching movies impossible as sound systems are so poor. So not many movies for me even if there is a good title or two.

As I am visiting several friends and relatives and computers are of varying availability I must rely on the good hearted nature of everyone to use theirs as I haven't brought my laptop with me this trip.  I don't see family members very often so don't get on line much other than to check messages from home and the occasional Facebook page.

I will be back with  more regularity in future and must say I do enjoy tapping into a post of one of my favourite blogs listed on this site to see what others are doing in the meantime. It is more motivation and creates a bit of excitement of things to put online once I get home. Being away from home offers time for thoughts and reflection on more directions for my own writings to go.

I imagine things here will be a bit hit and miss until after Christmas when Australian summer well and truly bursts onto the scene in Tasmania and long lazy days will permit many activities I enjoy  including spending time with the Travellin' Penguin's adventures. Happy Thanksgiving to the American readers. I am spending it in Tennessee with my elderly mother and brother's family and it is the first one I've had together with my sister who is flying in from California, brother and mother all in the same place since childhood. That was a long time ago. Thankful times.


  1. Lovely to hear from you, Pam. No signs of summer here at all at the moment. I think it was 15 in Hobart yesterday & not much warmer here in Melbourne. Enjoy your holiday & Happy Thanksgiving!


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