Thursday, 7 November 2013

Almost a Penguin Pot

As this post is published I will be cramped into an economy seat on a Virgin Airline flight to San Francisco from Hobart/Sydney probably trying to either sleep or read. Maybe I'll be engrossed in a good movie. I remember the last time I flew long distance (home from England) I watched the entire series I of Downton Abbey. That sure helped with the long time in a small seat.

My birthday is happening while I'm away and as my other half Tom will be home caring for our multitude of furry kids I won't be sharing it with him.  Last night he came in with a large box and asked me if I wanted my birthday present early.  What a silly question.  Was he really expecting me to say, "No, I'll wait until I get home." ?

I opened up the large box (don't you just love a large box wrapped up in gift paper), Koko the cat paying close attention to the cord wrapped around it now moving around a fair bit and I was very happy to see this beautifully Penguin orange teapot and two large cups.

I love it. Thank you to Tom, Wally, Koko, Molly, Odie and Uncle Buck who all signed the card.
I'll be home in the Penguin library in no time, with a cup of tea as I catalogue probably yet more books.

It is very lovely when one has a happy day.


  1. Beautiful! Enjoy your trip :-)

  2. Isn't it lovely having a partner who knows you so well :-)
    Happy Birthday and bon voyage.


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