Monday 1 October 2012

An ABC of goals for October: Books, Nature, Dogs

I have just spent the past 1/2 hour reading some lovely blogs that I follow to get a bit of inspiration. The one that inspired me the most today was that of Lakeside Musing (here).  I enjoyed her alphabetical listing of what she did in September.
Does anyone else want to join in?
Post up Jack if you do. 
As my September was a bit hectic returning from a long trip as well as getting organised back into reality and daily life again I can't make a list from September. But I thought I can set myself up for October. So to follow her format I have made an alphabetical list of goals for October. I guess it is my own October Challenge.

This is my first attempt at so many bookish goals for one month plus enjoying other pursuits in life so wish me luck. I only have to stay focused and get moving and I should be fine.

A-  Across Lapland (Penguin No. 226) Read and review this book.Completed 
B-  Book Group Book- buy, read and review the November book group's book. Completed
C- Cook Something New from one of my new Penguin cookbooks in the boxed set. Completed

Vintage Penguin 226
D- Dog's Day at the Beach - Spring is here and time to take the dogs to the beach. Completed
E- Eat out with a friend I haven't caught up with lately. Completed
F- Fuller's Book Shop Event (here) : There are many things on in October. Be sure to attend one or

Kingston Dog Beach
G- Great American Short Story -this book sits on my shelf- Read and review one of the
     stories. Completed
H- Hunt out some new Penguins I don't have. Find 10 this month Completed
I - (as in Me, Myself, I) -Do something fun for myself. Completed
Great American Short Stories
J - Join in a discussion with someone, anyone about a book. Completed
K- King Penguin (review one)
L - Lie in the sun and read. It might make summer get here quicker. Completed
Illustration from an old King Penguin book
M - Motorbike ride to little town of Cygnet. A book seller told me a man has a shop down there selling
       odds and ends and there is a shelf with Penguin books on it. Determine if it's true.Completed
N- Read an author whose last name begins with N and review it
O- Organise the presentation about old Penguin books I promised the Senior's Assoc Mtg  I would do in
      early November. Completed-to be on blog in November.
Cygnet Tasmania - 45 minutes south of Hobart
P- Post up some interesting Penguin Book information on the blog.
Q- a Quiet Year by Derek Tangye (read and review)
R- Read at least 15 books this month (any genre, any size) List them on blog at end of month. Nope, Not going to finish 15 books. Am mired down in Middlemarch and other activities.

A Quiet Year
S- Saturday Salamanca Market - Go- Buy one Penguin and at least one plant for garden. Completed
T- Tend to garden. Plant the salad plants, lettuce, radishes, tomatos, etc. Completed
U- Uncle Remus book review (finish it and post it up)
Salamanca Market - Hobart Tasmania
V- VOTE by absentee in the USA election. Go Obama!Completed
W- Walk outdoors with the dogs and camera and take some photos
X- eXamine Nature somehow. Read a new book, draw something, update a journal, take a photo  
     Completed (here).

Barrack Obama

Y- You've Got To Read This Book.  Get it off the shelf, have a look at it and make a list of books they
      recommend. Organise a couple or a few into a TBR pile for 2013.
Z- Read a book that has a title beginning with Z. Completed with Zuleika Dobson here

I love books about books.


  1. I suggest Zuleika Dobson for your challenge to read a book beginning with Z. It is Penguin no. 895, and you see it referenced in other Penguins sometimes. The entire (male) undergraduate community of Oxford throw themselves into the river for the love of one woman, and the masters fail to notice the absence of their pupils. It is ridiculous but delightful.

    1. Thank you for that. I have very few books whose titles begin with Z and this was one of four and the only Penguin. I was leaning towards it but didn't know what it was about. Will take your advice. Should be fun.

    2. Or what about one of the Penguin Classic's by Emile Zola for your Z.


    3. I do have a Zola book but have already chosen Zuleika Dobson but will keep it in mind for another Z challenge. Sorry, not able to delete the apostrophe in classic's as asked. haha....No worries Frances, I know you are a great speller. (re email message). :-) thanks for your comment.

  2. Love the A-Z idea and that you're including bookshop events in your plans. Hurrah for being fully immersed in wordery. :)

    1. It should be a good challenge for me and as I am not a fast reader as you are it may be harder than I think. Thank you for the encouragement, Pam

  3. Excellent post! What a creative variation on the ABC monthly review. Good luck achieving your goals and thanks for the link love.

    1. Thank you JoAnn, I love your posts, they're always good. Pam

  4. You are energetic. Reading that list wore me out let alone actually doing it. I'm off to have a little lie down now.

  5. What a lovely idea to have an A to Z of things to do! My lists always seem so random, and I rarely stick to them - but I do like ticking things off, it gives me a sense of achievement!


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