Saturday, 6 October 2012

Goals E & I - Eat out with a friend & the Theatre Royal play

The Hobart Theatre Royal
Australia's Oldest Running Theatre
I am well and truly getting into the October challenge I have set for myself and was able to cross off another two yesterday.
E- Eat out with a friend I hadn't caught up with for awhile
I- Me/Myself: Do something nice for myself

Yesterday afternoon I futzed around with my hair colour and had my eyebrows dyed. I know that may not sound like a lot but it does make a person feel good. I get so tired of everyone telling me how tired I look when in fact I am not. A bit of colour on the old brows makes an enormous difference.

I caught up with my 'Theatre Friend" PB last night.  We had visited a favourite restaurant of ours (Blue Skies) awhile back and found it had changed management and wasn't very good any more. We were very disappointed but once again the same restaurant has changed hands yet again and last night everything was brilliant. The restaurant is located on the Hobart waterfront and was packed with customers.

Travellin Penguin always sits in the
first row of the dress circle. 
A curry with lots of flavour and a mushroom risotto with fresh Tasmanian mushrooms had both of us quite happy followed by Tassie beer and wine plus a most beautiful cheesecake with fresh berries for dessert.
A reminder that summer is near and berries will once again be plentiful.We then walked to the Theatre Royal for a comedy performance of Rhinestone Rex and Monica  starring Alexandra Fowler and Glen Hazeldine. Rhinestone Rex is a two person play and we had a packed house.

The story embraces a young concert violinist who can no longer play in the Sydney Symphony orchestra due to tendonitis in her shoulder. She is having her kitchen renovated and the man doing the job is a country music disc jockey/builder.  Several conversations pursued as they argued over what music was allowed to be played in the apartment. She wanted Mahler and Bach and he wanted the country music of Gina Jeffries and Dolly Parton. Music from the heart as he explained.

The writing was witty and the timing was good for the laughs that followed. The story although very predictable from the start was pretty fast moving most of the time and all of the scenes took place with the same set.

The radio station was at the front right of the stage, the table at the pub was at the front left of the stage and the apartment took up the rest of the stage.  The kitchen being renovated was out of sight.
Theatre Royal's beautiful dome with paintings of composers
around the chandelier. I also think there is one poet
amongst them. I really need to do the tour one day.
The music through out switched back and forth between classical and country as each character explained the meaning of their favoured music to the other and began discussing the hardships of their own life.

Of course it had a happy ending and everyone in the theatre enthusiastically applauded at the final curtain fall.

Overall it was an extremely pleasant day, and I have always believed it is important to set an entire day aside for one's own pleasure to have a break from tedious chores, jobs and the more mundane aspects of life.

Today it will be back to this pile of 15 books I said I'd read this month. Hmmm....that will be more of a challenge when spring has sprung and the garden needs tending and the dogs want to go to the beach.


  1. The play sounds interesting, and as well as being the oldest theatre in Australia the Theatre Royal truly is a stunning little theatre. Blue Skies? Mmmm, wonder if the prices have become more reasonable with the new management. haha

    1. The prices were on a par with other restaurants like this and a couple of the items were less than I have seen in a pub recently.

  2. I color my eyebrows when I color my hair once a month. Have decided I need ANOTHER eyelid lift---or maybe it's my forehead that needs lifting (which I won't do because they put strings under the skin in the forehead to hold up the eyebrows---what if one string broke---what a funny sight that would be!). Anyway, I have a lined, wrinkled, droopy face.......

  3. I think people should embrace their wrinkles not run from them. After all it takes a long time to earn them. :-)


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