Thursday, 1 March 2012

Penguins Flying in from England

I have recently completed a 2 week + trip beginning in Amsterdam and ending in Oxford looking for Penguin Books to send home to Tasmania.  After stops in Newcastle, Chester, Hay on Wye, Bristol, Lyme Regis, London as well I managed to collect approximately 200 books.

As postage is very expensive and excess baggage more,  they were sent via surface mail however a package has since arrived air mail so I am able to start cataloguing them on Library Thing and finding homes for them on shelves.

Some of the Penguins collected were King Penguins (K), Penguin Handbooks (PH) , Puffins, Penguin Poetry (D) and the mainstream numbered Penguins.  As winter is on its way to Tasmania I am looking forward to the arrival of yet more books to come.  The winter should see quite a bit of Penguin activity on the cold short days and I look forward to sharing bits and pieces of Penguin book activities with anyone who is interested.

Top L-R   King Penguin, Penguin Handbook, Main Series
Bottom L-R  Green Crime, Cerise Travel, Blue Biography

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