Friday, 2 March 2012

I am going to digress for a moment to answer queries I receive from family and friends about where I will put my new Penguins.  A couple of years ago I received a wall to wall, floor to ceiling bookshelf from my husband as a birthday gift to house all of my books, Penguin and non Penguin alike.  The bookshelf is beautiful but of course the more space one has, the more one is likely to fill it up.  I have turned the front room into my Tasmanian Penguin museum. The fact it has now spilled into the hallway along with my old dog figurines is neither here nor there.  I am assured I will fill the bookshelves and still have room left over for future finds. Where there is a will, there is a way.

As far as finding a quiet place to read, I have my "Penguin chair" and matching lamp. I found this chair for $20.00 in the City Mission shop and liked its art deco design. I took it immediately to the upholsterer along with a copy of a bright orange Penguin book and told him this is the colour I want. Must also be vinyl and not leather both b/c of cost and authenticity.  He thought I was mad and only told me that once the 'new' chair had been delivered.  He was surprised at the amount of positive comments he received while it was still in the shop and was quite enamoured of it himself once he saw how it fit into the room.

So to my dear friends, they need not worry I am crammed into a small back room lot of old decrepit books, mice and food scraps.  The books and I remain quite comfortable.  The dogs also appreciate the small heater I added to the room for more wintry days.

My aim is to read all the Penguin and the non Penguin books in the next 25 years assuming I last that long!!

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