Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Penguin Hunting is good in Hobart this week.

Although our Tasmanian summer has finished for the year, our autumn is promising to be lovely.  I thought it was time I took my scooter out for some Penguin hunting.

I have not completed the rounds of charity shops since January before I went to England. I thought perhaps I was all Penguined out but apparently I am not.

First stop was St Vincent de Paul's (Vinnie's).  I found several first published numbered Penguins there.

 I was surprised at how many there were. Obviously no one had snaffled them up while I have been away.

 Am I the only Penguin collector in Hobart??   I wish. More like good  luck.

Then after securing my finds in the top box of the bike off I went to the Red Cross book shop where I found several beautiful old Penguins including a couple of first published Penguin Classics which I normally don't collect but for a dollar each I could not leave them behind.

There were also five in a series of six (I believe) of The Pelican Guide to English Literature. As I do collect boxed sets and series I was immediately drawn to them.  It is sad I was able to find books 2 through 6 but number 1 was nowhere in sight.  Another quest now for No. 1.

As I was raised by quite a superstitious mother and grandmother I know that things come in threes.
I needed to go to one more place because I knew there would be Penguins there.

Riding home I stopped at the South Hobart Tip Shop.  Luck had not been that good there in recent months but I guess now people have done big clean outs I was once again in luck.  I found a first published Penguin Science fiction in good condition (A Case of Conscience by James Blish, 1963 - No. 1809)   There was also a 1967  Penguin Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet that I  normally wouldn't pick up  but the cover has an amazing illustration as well as being a first published.  On the same shelf was a first published Penguin Poets (D83 if you need it Frances) with a beautiful purple geometric designed cover.   I could not leave it behind in that very smelly, dirty old shop.  This place is a tip after all.  In the full meaning of the word.  If the wind blows just right you need a peg on your nose. It is not a good place for Penguins to inhabit for very long.  Last but not least another Penguin book from a series I normally do not collect was present.  Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels in a good condition, first published from the Penguin English Library 1967.  I liked the cover very much.

I guess I can say that Penguin hunting has been very favourable in Hobart.  Even better I didn't pay more than $1.00 for any of these books. I am happy they have all been adopted into such a good home far removed from landfill.

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