Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Travelling Penguin visits Port Isaac, Cornwell, England

Hi folks,

We are all resting tonight after our very long day visiting Port Isaac/Port Wenn in Cornwall.

The TV show Doc Martin is filmed here and they have wanted to visit this place for a very long time. This road trip saw them make it.

The town is full of little shops, cafe, tourists and more than dogs than you could shake a stick at. Though we would never shake a stick at a dog.

Here are some photos for you.
The town is built around this harbour. When we got there the tide was just
starting to go out. When we left it was way out and the boats were on dry land.

The Penguin used his  pocket money to buy this light house. I really like it.

We all stood at this wall and stared out to sea. The Penguin remembered the stories
he had heard about his ancestors. I bet they were interesting.

This was the view across the harbour to the other side. There were
caves in the cliffs under the houses.

This is the house that belongs to Doc Martin on the tv show. 

The boats were really stuck at low tide.

The view from the other side.

This is a beautiful hotel that overlooks everything.

The Penguin wanted to stay in this hotel but we couldn't afford it.

The Penguin was waiting for Martin Clunes who plays Doc Martin to come
out of his house. But they aren't filming now.

The Penguin really enjoyed his lobster lunch.

This was the last view of the town as we headed back to the carpark.
Isn't it just beautiful.


  1. Great photos. I see that the penguin really likes it. I recognise the place from the tv-series. It is really beautiful. Loved the tv-series.

    1. I have enjoyed the TV series. Always fun to see the locations where a favourite series is filmed.

  2. Lovely photographs - I do hope that The Penguin is enjoying the cool, damp Cornish autumn.

  3. wonderful pictures. the English seem to have a gift for preserving some sort of naturalistic vision: so many views have that sort of singularly british charm. stunning place... Mr. Penguin seemed a bit wistful, staring out across the water. wondering about his relatives further south, maybe...? lucky he has his own lighthouse: it'll help him find his way...

    1. This Penguin isn't going anywhere but travelling with us. He has become fun company for my friend and I. Lots of funny looks from people when we get him out and pose him. Good fun.


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