Thursday, 29 September 2016

Penguins From Hay On Wye

 Two days ago we finally got to Hay on Wye again. It has changed since I last saw it. More empty shopfronts for lease. A few less bookstores. It was rainy and dreary and didn't seem to have the same energy I remember from last time.

Maybe it was I who didn't have the same energy but I enjoyed it very much never the less.

We arrived before lunch time and had a good walk around. I was disappointed to see the castle has deteriorated so much in the five? years it has been since I saw it last.

Previously it was full of books. Now the ceiling is collapsed in, the doors and windows are boarded shut and there wasn't the display of books there had been.

Several of the shops are no longer book stores but filled with art or ceramic souvenirs.  We had lunch at Oscar's Cafe and that was very good. It is small but it was warm and a respite from the rain.

I don't imagine I will every visit there again but... on a brighter note-

I found Penguins I did not have. I vowed I would only buy Penguin books that were numbered less than 1000 and were first published.

I found 12 (new to me) Penguins in the main series and two Penguins were first published that will replace old reprints I have at home. The reprints will go to new homes.

The display of Penguins in Addyman Bookshop

I am tightening up my collection because I do realise I cannot collect everything published between 1935 and 1970. I will continue to keep my other series (listed at the top of my blog page) but probably won't add to them as quickly.
 Penguins are still relatively easy to find in Hobart and I will continue to collect those I do not have but only if they are first published.

I think I might have a year off from my book clubs next year and concentrate solely on reading books I already own. I have very many books I would love to read but I find the book club books are detracting me from that. They are often long books of which I don't usually enjoy. Modern literature (in my opinion) often leaves a lot to be desired and I would like to spend time with the wonderful collection of books I have. Then I can pass them on and reduce the number of books in the house.

I am torn because I enjoy the book club meetings but I do miss reading books that really grab me and I must say it is seldom any bookclub book grabs me.  I am thinking about it at this point but will decide by the end of the year.

I continue to enjoy my Tuesday Play Reading classes and my writing group that meets three Wednesdays a month. (approx)

I have put up some photos of our day out.

By the way, did you happen to spot our Travellin'


  1. yes, Traveling Penguin browsing midst all those lovely other Penguins! sorry to hear Wye is sliding downhill a bit; actually i'm continually surprised that, with the electric media, anybody at all, except me and a few others, reads any more... one has to be grateful for what one has, i guess... anyway, nice that you were able to go there and find all those additions to your collection. i admit to a bit of envy: i have a small, undistinguished collection of my own, but Penguins of any sort are scarce in this area... thanks for the pictures: something to drool over...

  2. Oh, what a shame about the Castle, that was a great browsing place for me. I haven't been to Hay for five or six years now (maybe more) after two trips with friends and one with husband. The Cinema Bookshop is a favourite of mine, and there's another with a £1 basement that's great.

    I can't find an "About me" post on here, but I'm not very good at Blogger blogs. Do you collect particular Penguins, just the orange ones, just up to 1,000? I had a think for Pelicans a while ago but had to restrain myself!

    And I know what you mean about book groups, I very rarely read new modern novels and they do tend to concentrate on those (as I also know from doing research on book groups). You spend ages reading a book you wouldn't have chosen to read, while neglecting your own ones. Sigh.

    1. I had a list of all the series of Penguins I collect but sadly blogger deleted my lists while I was travelling. I have now put up the main series list. If you click on the picture of the library on this page you will see mmy list.


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