Wednesday 28 September 2016

Good Bye Lowe Farm: A Tribute to Juliet...

Today we had to leave this beautiful farm stay. We had three nights and lots of fun. Juliet is the landlady here and she is a one stop wonder. She cooked for us, sat and had afternoon tea, chatted, shared stories and even did our laundry and folded our clothes.

We all had afternoon tea together yesterday.
We had such a good time. We were going to Hay on Wye and I shared with her my obsession for Penguin books. She also got to meet the Travelling' Penguin and took her into her home without question.

She gave him a great time along with us and he participated in many things while visiting there. (We are not the only crazy ladies.)

I would like to thank her again and if you ever get to the Hereford area be sure to stay at their farm. You will not be sorry. Beautiful rooms, beautiful farm, lovely, lovely people. The guests who arrived all seemed to have been there before. Good friendships ensued.

So thank you Juliet from Judy, Pam and the Travellin' Penguin.
Juliet wanted Margery to say goodbye to us. There was a bit of a chase.

Juliet showed the Penguin around and let him slide down the bannister.
The Penguin says goodbye to Miss Pringle.

Beautiful rainbow one afternoon.

One of the views at Lowe Farm

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  1. juliet looks like an extraordinarily friendly person; i bet she even placed a pillow at the bottom of the banister so Penguin wouldn't have a rough landing... the farm appeared to be very well maintained; as i have been aware of in the past, that is not easy to do, with all the painting, mowing, etc. to do... looking forward to Hay on Wye; i read a book once about a fellow who got a job there; very interesting place with a LOT of books.... i think i'm jealous...


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