Wednesday 24 September 2014

Vintage Australian Series of Penguins

It took me a week to settle down from the Melbourne trip and then the weather got so good we have been doing bike rides.  The book blog just can't compete with bike rides on a hot spring day in Tasmania.  It doesn't happen that often.

The other day Richard from the Cracked and Spineless bookshop left me a message that he had been to a deceased estate and found an older Australian series of Penguin books.  They were from the early 1970's so weren't from Allen Lane's empire but they were a beautiful set none the less.  A little bit of sun fading to a couple but for 40 years old not bad at all. They were published in Australia.

I dropped in later that afternoon and he showed me the set.  They are gorgeous.  They seem like new and I love the Australian theme of them.  I have heard of a few of them but not all of them.

I also don't know how many were in the series but there are 12 that Richard found.  He gave me a great price on them (he has so many books in the store he can't think straight so easy to get a bargain).

I put them into a bag and here they are. The series is called The Penguin Colonial Facsimiles which I have never heard of before but perhaps others have. If anyone has any information about them I'd love to know about them.  There isn't anything that I could find on line though I have checked the series title with Abe books and found nothing.  I have not checked the titles out individually.

I hope you enjoy the covers as much as I do. The stories are all about early settlement in Australia.

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