Thursday, 4 September 2014

From Melbourne Australia- Part One

Today I am in Melbourne.  Actually I am having a whole week of a girl's week out in Melbourne.  All by myself. Peace and quiet in a little studio apartment. No phones ringing, no dogs barking when I eat, no cats biting my face at 5:00 am, just leisurely shopping, touring and looking in bookshops.

Sadly there aren't any (that I have been able to find) second hand bookshops in the city centre anymore. There are some independent "new books" bookshops here though and today I found a lovely one on Bourke St right in the city centre.

I had breakfast at a little cafe across the street and I noticed the shop as I ate.  It was on my list of ones to visit so it was just serendipity I found it across from my breakfast.

I was disappointed that it was only new books though I must admit. I had visions of it being filled with old vintage Penguins. I mean, to look at the building it looks vintage Penguin don't you think.

However it is a lovely little shop and the young woman who works there is very helpful and friendly.
It is called Paperback Bookshop and it is full of lots of the newest paperbacks.  I had a good look around and did find one book to buy that excited me.

American Smoke by Iain Sinclair. I will write more on this book later when I feature some other books I picked up today.

I plan to put up a few posts this week just as long as I'm not too tired from looking in all of the shops, walking miles, eating great food and carrying parcels. So far the girl's week out is in full swing and happily sleeping on hotel sheets at night. Oh, and as a final shot.... I must show you what I had for afternoon tea besides my coffee.........
Anyone for decadent cherry cheesecake?

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