Friday, 5 September 2014

In Melbourne- Friday The 5th September

This morning I woke up and had one of those moments I wasn't sure where I was. Then I remembered.... Penguins. Got to find some Penguins.  I heard there was a second hand bookshop in Fitzroy on Brunswick Street.  Fitzroy is a suburb of Melbourne and for some reason I thought it was quite a ways out.  I looked at the tram map and couldn't find much help with that and I kept getting different advice from the people I asked.  So I flagged a taxi and I was there in about 10 minutes.  So that was worthwhile.  I gave him the address I had and excitedly waited to get into a bona fide second hand book store.

I got to the store and walked in and facing me straight on was a bunch of brand new books. Blast. I asked the staff there who was a little bit "busy" if they had any second hand books. "No" was the reply, "We carry ONLY new books."   "Is there anyplace around here that sells second hand books?" I replied.  "You could walk up that way (pointing in the air) three blocks and he sells them."  What is it with the people who run bookshops.  So often they seem so disinterested or downright rude.

So I walked up the three blocks and saw the shop and gratefully walked in to see a young man smiling and interested and I could have hugged him.  It was so refreshing to see a friendly face in a book shop. He actually appeared to enjoy his job.

The book shop is called Grub Street Book shop and although not really large it was packed with second hand books, it was organised well and he was most helpful in bringing me Penguin books and allowed me all the time I needed to have a good look around. I would certainly recommend this store.

After I left his shop I walked towards another shop he had recommended but just didn't feel well enough (still fighting off this wretched bug I've had for three weeks) so I had had enough of books and Penguins and decided to just take a walk around Fitzroy and see what it was about.

It is quite an old suburb and I must say I don't know much about it. It seemed busy with lots of shops and cafes down the main street but many of the buildings are quite derelict and there are some lovely old houses and shopfronts that need fixing up.  It has a friendly atmosphere and everyone I met was friendly and helpful.

I walked through some neighbourhoods taking photos of the street art and things that were quirky and thought I would share that walk with you.  I then saw the tram going up and down Brunswick St., one going each direction and wondered if that would get me back to the CBD.  I asked a shop clerk and she said I'd have no problem as they only have one tram line and it goes straight into the city.

She pointed out the stop and off I went with my store of Penguin books I had picked up in my backpack.  I had to laugh as the tram went straight into Collins Street and stopped 1/2 block from the front of my hotel.  I will do a separate post of the Penguins I bought, the new books I bought and the in betweens. I hope you enjoy the walk.

This guy was most interested in the fact I was taking his picture. I thought he was a handsome cat.

Street art seemed to be everywhere over the old broken bricks.

More Street Art

A very old Indian (I believe) woman watched me take this photo then approached me and asked me, "Don't you love the bright colours.  Very pretty"  She had such a beautiful smile on her face. 

The main street (Brunswick St) and the single tram line.

This art was on the side of the building that housed the Fire Fighter's Union.   Most appropriate. 

Entrance to a garden store.

The tram line with the advert re: The Last Confession with David Suchet I am going to see on Sunday afternoon. 

On the building next to a doorway into a shop.  

Back "home" again and in my hotel room. The main view is the backs of old buildings and dreary cement but
I could see the moon up to the left of the tallest building.  Can you spot it?

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