Saturday, 9 March 2013

Random and I get into Tasmania's landscapes.

Elaine (from Random Jottings) and I have had a very full on couple of days.  Yesterday we went to Richmond which is a very historic colonial village and from there we drove to the east coast and down the Tasman Peninsula.  The weather was a good temperature, about 22 C (about 74 F) and although there was a bit of drizzle it certainly did not dampen our spirits. Here are some of the photos and I hope everyone who sees them enjoys them and one day plans their own trip to this beautiful state.
 Many children come to the Richmond Bridge to feed the ducks.  I always love to connect with them (the ducks, not the children).
 Richmond Bridge built by the convicts (1823)who eventually settled this state. Oldest bridge in Australia
All of the bricks were made by hand. 
 Scenes from the lovely Lolly Shop. We had a lot of fun looking at everything. 
 Some flowers that were blooming on bushes near the Richmond Gaol. 
 One of the small churches in Richmond. Most of the buildings in Richmond are made from sandstone.
 The Richmond Gaol that was built to house original convicts and quite a few women at the time.
 Heading down onto the Tasman peninsula on the east coast you pass Dunalley Bay. The tide was out.
 The fog, the drizzle, yet the warm temperatures made for pleasant exploring.
 Elaine gets right into the Tassie spirit of searching the beaches. 
 So good to see green shoots appearing after our devastating bush fires earlier this year. 
 Raspberries are in season now. Need to get out there on the roadsides with a bucket. 
 The view over Pirates Bay towards the south of the state and the Tasman Sea. 
 The beach at Eaglehawk neck on the Tasman Peninsula. 
 Aren't spider webs beautiful when they have a bit of rain on them? They are so strong yet delicate.
 Clifftops and coastline. The south eastern coast of Tasmania is extremely rocky.
 Lovely plants growing on the seaside shrubbery.
 Things that wash ashore on to the beaches. 
The gum trees are very smooth to touch due to standing in the winds. Beautiful colours.


  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos! I will book you as my guide if I ever get the chance :)

    1. You would always be welcome. I could show you all of the book shops around here. :-)


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