Thursday, 7 March 2013

My English Blogger Mate Arrives Today

Statue of an Antarctic seal
When one lives in Tasmania it is always a complete joy to have an international visitor to spend a couple of days with.  To see Tassie through the eyes of someone who has not seen it is a great deal of fun.
I am picking up Elaine from Random Jottings blog this afternoon at 1:25 from the airport and I have a whirlwind of adventure planned for her. I will probably wear both of us out but it should be great fun.

Statue of a camera used during the Mawson expedition.
I have the battery charging on the camera and hope to get some good photos of both of us having a good time as well as practising using the new Canon.

Nothing like getting over confident but already I have dipped into the Australian Digital Photography magazine and found some amateur contests.  I think they will give me the motivation to tuck the camera in storage under the seat (carefully packaged of course) of my scooter and head in different directions taking photos to enter in competitions where I might win magazine subscriptions, camera lenses and who knows what else.  I will need to work my way up to one of the expensive prizes of a trip to Antarctica or an African safari. These contests cost nothing to enter so I might as well aim big.
A Pacific Gull

The first contest I decided to attempt is Statues.  The competition is held through Viewbug and only one entry is allowed for this particular one.

I went down to the Hobart waterfront a couple of days ago as there are statues there attributed to Mawson's exploration of Antarctica as well as Abel Tasman's exploration into Tasmania.

Penguins discussing the weather perhaps?

The  Dutch Explorer Abel Tasman
Part of Tasman's shipping fleet.
I had a great time being a "tourist" in my own land and had a lot of fun snapping away photos when I could get some of the Japanese tourists out of the frame.  They were having as much fun snapping photos as I was but there were a lot more of them.

Now I just need to work out which one I may submit.  This is my shortlist.


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