Tuesday, 19 March 2013

An Interesting Book Challenge I Will Think About.

Today was a day of running around doing errands and attending my Play Reading class. Part II of our reading of Lysistrata. We continue to have a great time with this bawdy read.  The F word is in this part of the play and some of our oldies weren't comfortable saying it, others were and it became quite hilarious to see how different people handled it.  One of the oldies came to the sentence that stated, "I just need a (the uncomfortable word) and she substituted the word 'treat' and everyone laughed uproariously.
We have one more session of Lysistrata and then will move on to another play.

I was reading through Facebook posting awhile ago when I saw that Random House Canada has posted up this photo of Book Bingo.  I think I will print it out and try to finish a book for each category. It isn't really an extra bit of work because no doubt it is easy enough to find books that will fit into each category.

I am continuing to work towards the end of Book II  of Henry James's The Wings of the Dove by Friday.  Alex in Leeds (here) got the ball rolling and two fellow bloggers myself and a woman in the USA have joined in.  I must say when I started it I wasn't completely in my comfort level simply because some of his sentences were so long that when I reached the end of one I couldn't remember the beginning of it.  He sure loved his sentences. Fortunately he uses punctuation accurately so I finally got into a rhythm and started to enjoy them. The following is an example of a single sentence description of Merton Densher (don't you love that name?) who is the man Kate is so fond of however her aunt will not accept him. He really is quite common.

"It was the accident, possibly, of his long legs, which were apt to stretch themselves; of his straight hair and his well-shaped head, never, the latter, neatly smooth, and apt, into the bargain, at the time of quite other calls upon it, to throw itself suddenly back and, supported behind by his uplifted arms and interlocked hands, place him for unconscionable periods in communion with the ceiling, the tree-tops, the sky."

Once I finished that sentence I was craving a book by Ernest Hemingway with his short succinct writing style. 

The story itself is an interesting story and I am looking forward to continuing with this mini group read.  I will find a slot for it on the Random House Canada Bingo board.

Lastly today I went out in the front yard to enjoy a lovely autumn day we are having here and played with the dogs.  As I'm currently studying photography and entering e-magazine competitions in the hopes of winning lots more photographic equipment I took my camera with me.   I am having great fun.

Odie LOVES his frisbee.
Tomorrow my bike mate Chris and I are riding south of town on a day that's expected to be 25C (80 F) and take photos by the river. I hope there are ducks. I love taking photographs of ducks.

Stay tuned to see what photos and possible books emerge. There is quite a good second hand book shop in the town we're going to.  Mind you as you walk in it looks like a land mine has gone off. Books everywhere, in no particular order and I always have to walk sideways through the aisles in this poorly lit room until I get to the back wall and find a Penguin or two I don't  have. I guess that will be my goal for tomorrow.  To find 3 vintage Penguins I don't have and get a photo of a duck.  I think when one is retired it is good to have goals.

So until then...enjoy the Bingo Board.  Let me know if you'd like to participate. Could be a fun thing to share with other readers.


  1. Did you find anyone for Book Bingo? I love the idea!

  2. No I didn't get any interest in it. I thought it might be fun though haven't done it myself yet. Life seems to jump in and get in the way but I do think about it from time to time. Thank you for your comment.


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