Monday, 9 July 2012

Preposterous Penguins

As it's Monday I thought I'd post up something a bit more personal with a bit of humour. Everyone needs a laugh on a Monday.

There are so many places to find a Penguin. I thought I might have a regular post to let people know where I come across my Penguins.

Today I found Penguins with Koko and Odie.  Odie loves them, Koko not so much.
Happy Monday as Australia gets it before the rest of the world !

I'm Odie. I am one year old and am learning to
read.  Books about cats are my favourite.
I wasn't allowed books in the pound. I love it here.

Hi,  I'm Koko.  I am special as I have a map of Tasmania imprinted on my face.
Hobart is where my nose is.
I like to read a bit. I thought this book might be better than it was. Couldn't work out who killed
the Mockingbird.
Think I'll go sit on the window sill and watch birds. These Penguins aren't doing it for me today.

I'm only here today because it's MY blog and I am
an attention seeker.  Cool, aren't I !
More on the books in a couple of days.


  1. This is really cute, hahaha....
    Odie looks like he's sitting at 'attention'. A very alert looking doggie, indeed. And Koko is beautiful! Love her colours. :)

  2. You have too much free time.........
    But really, these are such cute pics.

    1. Hey, do you know how much time it takes to teach dogs and cats to read??? Thanks for your comment, it made me laugh. Pam

  3. If Odie ever fancies a long-distance holiday, you know where I am! He looks such a lovely dog, I want to borrow him!


    1. He is a gorgeous soul. Had such a bad start in life and is now a real charmer. We just love him.


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