Monday, 16 July 2012

New Pelicans and Updated Library Lists

Vintage Penguin Australian
Pelican No. 08
Australia has their own series of
The reason I have not posted up a book review this week or much else is because I am linking a list of all of the Vintage Penguin Books I own to t his blog.
I am almost finished.  Just under the blog heading, Travellin' Penguin I have the links listed.  I still have one more link to finish and should do so in the next day or two.
Eventually I will link other Penguin series as well but the main series takes priority at the moment.
I still need to list the books numbered from 2000 to 3000+

Vintage Penguin Pelican
A 32  (I need Vol I)
This is Vol. 2
I am also finishing up reading a Penguin book by Geoffrey Household that I will be reviewing in a day or two as well.  I chose it because I loved the colours on the cover. Very bright reds! 

This past year has been a big year for accruing Penguin books and it is very time consuming putting them all up on The Library Thing with their photos (where they can also be viewed) as well as getting another list up here.  It will be nice to have an electronic list when I am in the op shops and other places looking for books. I will be able to link my mobile phone with it.  No more little black book with squished up pages.

1949 -How much has changed
since then?
Pelican A 191
Vintage Penguin Pelican
A 85
During the past week I visited the Red Cross book shop where all books range from 50 cents to approx. $2.00 each. Someone had brought in a box of very early Pelicans in excellent condition, many still wearing their dust jackets.  I don't generally pick up all of 
the Pelican books as there are so many of them and I'm not likely to read most of them.  Some of these books have aged better than others. There has been so much change in the world that reading the old Pelicans is more for the sake of interest of what was happening when they were published and much is not relevant anymore.  But they are lovely books and although they stay on the shelves longer than other Penguin series I have decided if they are first published and numbered between 1 to 500 I can store them.

Pelican A 41
published  1939
They will be a nice addition to the library when hopefully the entire Penguin collection will be donated to an Australian university once I can no longer house them.

Feel free to use the list of books I have transferred to this blog from a long used spreadsheet I have worked off from for several years. I don't mind if people copy it for their own use.  After all I don't own it, I too am only using it.

Also if anybody ever wants to donate any books I don't have to my "Australian archive of first published Penguins feel free."

Enjoy the photos of the latest finds at the Red Cross book shop and stay tuned for some book reviews coming your way before long. 
Pelican A 19
Published  1937
Volumes I
Pelican A 46
published  1939

Pelican A 55
Volume II
published 1939

Penguins shopping
for Pelicans today.


  1. You have a lot of time on your hands to get all this accomplished! I need you here to organize all my paperwork and files!

    1. Ha ha, I don't want t.v. at night. It gives me a lot more time during the week to do these things. I find I don't miss t.v. either. Have to keep my brain active. Organising files and paperwork, no fun. Penguins are fun!!

  2. It all sounds very hi-tech, especially linking a list to your mobile phone!

    1. Sounds hi tech but really isn't. Technology is like everything else. Once someone shows you how to do it then it becomes easy. Thanks for visiting the site.


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