Saturday 28 July 2012

Cold, Rain, Markets and Old Penguin Books

They rest on our roof for a few minutes. There must be close to
30 of them flying around this evening. 
Winter is still here yet we are half way through it now.  Though we still have another long month to go. While we can't sit around wishing our lives away it was necessary to go out today and forget about the cold. We are just above 0 degrees as I write, there is a large flock of white cockatoos in the trees and on the roof of our house outside the window.  They look like they feel the wind.

Oldest operating brewery in Australia from 1824. You can see
Mt. Wellington in the background.  (stock photo)

They fly down to the Cascade Brewery every day which is a little over a kilometre away from here.  They eat the apples in the large crates as the brewery produces apple juice as well as beer.  There are thousands of apples stored outdoors in their yards. The cockatoos and currawongs stop here on the way back to Mt. Wellington for the night as we are in their flight path.

Salamanca market  (stock photo)
Mt Wellington in background

Today Salamanca Market was on and I went there to meet a mate for lunch. On the way I stopped at a local neighbourhood market and picked up a couple of Penguin books a stall holder had set aside for me. I also found some more at Salamanca. 

Many people who talk to me about Penguin books believe all of them are orange. I am constantly educating people about the variety of the vintage numbered books published before 1970. Today I am sharing a few of  the ones I found today.

Yes this is orange but has
lovely illustration.
Published 1961 number 1659
What so many people think
they all look like.
Published 1944- number 262
I also found a very special one I will post up in more detail as it is very historical and I certainly do not find some of the more obscure ones often in Australia. You'll have to wait for a day or two more to see that one.
Penguin Poets have both beautiful and unusual covers
Number D 108 published 1968
Penguin Plays have geometric designed covers.
Number PL26 published 1960

No. 36- published  1949  An assortment of
short pieces of writing from well known authors.

No 517 - Published 1951
reprinted Green crime Penguin. 

Travellin Penguins come in
many shapes and colours.
I hope people enjoy the assortment as well as the local Hobart scenery.
One of the interesting green crime
cover illustrations. I love these covers.
Number 2323 Published 1965


  1. I enjoyed looking at both. Flocks of white cockatoos sound so exotic... and very different to our English birds.

  2. I remember how odd it was becoming familiar with these birds when we moved here from North America 25 years ago. The English and American birds have lovely songs. The big birds here are a spectacle but very noisy and squawky. Nice to hear from you. Pam

  3. Love the first pic of the Penguin with the delightful illustration! And the Cascade Brewery looks rather imposing against the dark backdrop of Mt. Wellington. Interesting to know what the cockatoos are feeding on. :)

  4. Thank you for your comment. The cockatoos will eat almost anything that people plant, farmers hate them. The Penguin illustration you mention is a lovely one.


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