Sunday, 12 June 2016

Weekend Wrap Up- Sunday Evening

We got snow this weekend on the mountain. It was a  chilly 9 degrees C (about 45 F).  But the sun was out most of the weekend and it was really gorgeous out there. Whenever it snows, many people drive up the mountain, pile snow onto their car, even build a snowman on the bonnet and then drive back down and through the city.  Each person seems to think they are the only one who does it and it cries, "Look at me, look at me!"  

I spent the first 20 years of my life in Michigan in the USA. I remember those days where the windchill was 60 degrees below zero F. I remember the blizzards when we couldn't open the front door to get out of the house due to high drifts. I remember the ice storms when the branches sparkled in the sun.  So it does make me laugh when we get half a centimetre of snow and everyone drives up the mountain to see it.   Human's really are funny. is a photo of it from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp).

So what did we do this weekend?  Well I picked up a couple of new books. Two new ones from Fuller's book store that looked interesting and two secondhand ones from Cracked and Spineless (Facebook page). 

This is what I picked up.  First I went to Fuller's as they have a café and I was in need of a hot cappuccino (in a mug- I wanted it BIG) and also they have wonderful almond croissants with custard in them.  I have an interest right now in anything photographic so this little book caught  my eye.  The photos I like to take the most, besides birds and animals is urban photography. I love anything old in cities, people going about their daily life and little bits of nature I uncover here or there.  I think this book will have some good tips.

Then I saw this little gem. This is the story of a man in the UK who walks along the coast of Cornwall from Land's End along the northern shore of Cornwall.  As my friend and I are planning a trip to Cornwall this coming September I thought this would be interesting.  I love travel writing especially when people walk or bicycle and see everything up close. I love to hear about the people they meet and write about.  Travel writing really is my favourite read.


 Then, on to see Richard and Mike at Cracked and Spineless. They have an incredibly active Facebook page. When Richard gets in boxes of books he quickly photographs them and puts them onto Facebook pretty quick smart. He has a lot of followers and quite a young clientele online. People immediately snap up these books and it is sometimes very hard to get one unless you time it right.

This was one of the finds. Down to Earth-Australian Landscapes. A large coffee table book full of landscape photography of Australia.  Tim Winton, a well known Aussie author is one of the authors who helped put it together. He writes a lot about the landscape and nature of Australia. Especially Western Australia where he lives. As I just undertook a Landscape Photography workshop a couple of Sundays' ago I thought this would be good.

The other secondhand book I found was this Virago Modern Classic by Miles Franklin, author of My Brilliant Career which I really loved. I have not heard of this book and it looked interesting. Also it has a beautiful cover.

An eclectic assortment really.   So what did we do today?  It was very cold this morning. Snow was still on the mountain so the dogs and I headed for the beach. Yes, we go to the beach all year round here.  It was sunny though chilly. We rugged up and off we went. Molly, Odie and I. Mr. Penguin was going to clean the house and wanted us gone.  I know, I am very fortunate. He is better in the house than I am. I like outside jobs, putting things together and taking care of bills. We have role reversal here.   Anyway....

I thought the dog beach would be empty but it was quite crowded. A small group of women were there with their greyhounds who were running around. They are so beautiful when they run. All of them have been rescued from the dog track. Don't get me started on the cruelty of dog racing.

As we walked along I noticed two dolphins swimming fairly close to shore. They went out a ways and headed south along the shore line. The sun shone on their backs and they were gorgeous. There seem to be quite a few dolphin and whale sightings around the state lately. On the move to warmer waters I guess.   A golden retriever also saw them and entertained us all by trying to swim out towards them before turning back, running along the foreshore and then diving back in the water again. He so wanted to meet them and his owner had his hands full getting him to settle down a bit.

Well the weekend is over now, tomorrow I pack my bags and head to Cairns (pronounced Cannes) on Tuesday in Queensland where I meet my sister who I have not seen in a couple of years. She will be here from California where she lives. I am really looking forward to it. The penguin is going with me so stay tuned to what we get up to. Should be fun.
Oh excuse me, did you say something??


  1. Narrative travel writing is my favorite, too, after mysteries. I've just put Walking Home on hold at my library. The cover of the Virago book is very attractive. Your day at the beach sounds fun, too, especially with all the dogs! I don't like the beach in summer (too hot, too many people, too much sun). I'm with you on greyhound racing and have donated and signed petitions for years and years. There's progress, though, at least in the US. Most states have outlawed it.

  2. I didn't know that about greyhound racing in the States. Good. Yes we did have a good walk at the beach. The dogs have so much fun they almost burst!

  3. I didn't know that about greyhound racing in the States. Good. Yes we did have a good walk at the beach. The dogs have so much fun they almost burst!

  4. John Merrill wrote a book called "turn right at land's end" ; he was the first man to walk entirely around the great britain coast, about 7,000 miles, nonstop. i read it and greatly enjoyed it. i like to walk. just thought i'd mention it. hope you have a great time with your sister!

  5. I enjoyed Walking Home and didn't realise Simon Armitage had written another one. My daughter loves his poetry. Be interesting to hear what you think of it.

  6. I've read the Simon Armitage, and Walking Home (which Sarah mentions), and enjoyed them both, but I like most of his work. His idea was to walk through an area, paying for food and lodgings with poetry readings. The Miles Franklin book is the one that really caught my eye - I've never seen that anywhere. Please post a review when you've read it and let us know your thoughts.


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