Thursday, 23 June 2016

A Hacker Stuff Up

The Penguin has had lots of fun this week.
I am still here but have had a lot of technology problems lately. We have had a wonderful trip so far in Cairns, Uluru and now Alice Springs. However suspicious activity was noted on one of my accounts that monitor this blog and Google shut it all down. They then attached it to a different email address that didn't seem to be able to be touched by apps on my tablet or phone. I am on my laptop today and was able to update things and hurrah, my blog is working again. Imagine how I felt when I was told it wasn't there.  But now, all is well.  I will have time after this weekend to load up delayed posts and some wonderful photos I took.

I found 3 Penguin books today in an Alice bookshop that I did not have. One Peacock that was from the Op shop here and three Penguins from the bookshop. All first Penguins.

In Queensland we did an Aboriginal day where we went onto the mudflats and speared crabs to be served to us later. Though I must confess I did find several little crabs but instead of spearing them I hid them from the others. I didn't need the food enough to take their lives. Others in the group were like savages and I just couldn't do it. However I enjoyed walking along the flats in almost knee deep sand and muck at times looking for them.  I saved a few periwinkles too. I was handed them by others and told to put them in the bucket. I "accidentally" dropped them.  Whoops.....

I just can't kill things. We did have enough later on for everyone to try.   It was an interesting day and we learned a lot about indigenous history in the northern Queensland area but walking about 5 km in mud was tiring. We loved it though.

We did other rainforest excursions and ate barimunda that was good and had a great week in the rain.  
The sun came out the day we flew out to Ayres Rock (Uluru).

A wonderful time there. We saw Ayres Rock and the Olgas. Uluru and Kata Jtuta I believe is how it is spelled but don't quote me. We photographed two sunsets on the rock that were beautiful and I will post up the photos of some things next week when I have more time.

We loved the Ayres Rock area and walked what seemed miles and miles. I know my Garmin tracker gave me a couple of badges when I synced it to see how far I had walked.  Weather was beautiful, not too hot or muggy and loved everything.

The night before we were to leave Qantas sent us texts tellings us our flight out of Ayres Rock to Alice Springs was cancelled. They only have one a day. As we only scheduled one full day in Alice we weren't willing to take the flight offered the next day so ended up on a tour bus from Ayres Rock to Alice springs the day we were scheduled to fly out. Almost 7 hours with three or so hours of commentary about the history of the area.  It was fun to listen to and often quite colourful. I do love the stories of the explorers, dreamtime and early history of Australia. So we enjoyed a peaceful day.

Today we did the big walkabout around Alice Springs that does not take longs. Sat in the mall with coffee and watched people. Heard a brilliant guitar playing blind busker and we gave him some cash. Lovely man.
Life is so hard for a lot of people around here and we feel for them.

Tomorrow I head back to Hobart and my sisters goes to visit friends in Perth.  She will be there for a couple of weeks and then she will back to Hobart where she will be with me a month while Mr. Penguin leaves the beginning of July for a month to Canada and US (Michigan) to visit family.

He has been holding the fort while I have been away and now it is my turn to take care of the little fellas that live with us.

Looking forward to a cold, relatively quiet month I hope and more time to write posts.

I leave you now to await further photos and a bit more commentary and maybe photos of my new (old) Penguin books.

All the best to all of you who read this mish-mash.


  1. Glad you had such a good time, Pam. Looking forward to the holiday snaps.

    1. Thanks Lynn. In Melbourne airport waiting for flight home

  2. maddening, having to deal with computer problems; congratulations on getting it straightened out. the last time i went through that i couldn't find a big enough hammer to fix it, so i let my better half do it... the trip sounds great, except for walking 3+ miles in mud; don't think the old knees would respond kindly... we're looking forward to the pictures...

    1. Thanks. Looking forward to getting home tonight and caught up

  3. What a trip! I'd be glad to get home. I am reading Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson, very funny but very raunchy. She's just described her wild and goofy trip to Australia (she dresses as both koalas and kangaroos, hoping to get to pet one). Once again, things converge.

  4. Ayres Rock sounds amazing - but I want to know what Penguins you bought!


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