Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sunday Wrap Up

The Travellin' Penguin had the very best weekend and almost lost his footing on this outdoor seat at MONA.

The month long visit of our Canadian sister (in-law) is at a close tomorrow with her trip back to Canada. We have certainly done the tourist thing while she was here. Now we are all exhausted.

The other day we went to MONA.  MONA is the creation of a Tasmanian man, David Walsh, who has travelled the world and made millions gambling. He has come back to Tasmania and built this underground Museum of Old and New Art and given it to the Tasmanian community. It has really opened our island state up to international tourism and is absolutely amazing. We spent the day out at the museum on Friday.

They have four levels, three of them underground of art displays. The modern art can be quite confrontational to some people but the traditional is also there. The building is made of sandstone from Tasmanian rock and is representative of stunning architecture on the River Derwent.

I have shared some of our photos from the day with  you.  Then on Saturday we spent the day with friends at the Salamanca market and I found the most wonderful sunflower. Sunflowers are my most favourite sunflower and I absolutely fell in love with it. You will too.
I hope you enjoy the travels of our Penguin and it inspires you to visit here one day.

MONA Museum Link:  here

Salamanca Market Link: here 

MONA on the River Derwent, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia  (Get there by car or ferry from city centre wharf)
All the walls are made of local sandstone. Tasmanian Rock
Well known artist Sidney Nolan's Aboriginal snake. This is only 1/3 of it and with person in forefront you can see how tall it is.  Each square is a drawing of a face or abstract art piece complete in crayon and dye. The photo does not do it justice.

A very large brain on display on the floor with windows looking inside. This is photo of inside of flashing moving activity.
A representation of all of the activity inside one's brain. Very busy.
A piece from an ancient Egyptian grave. Approximately 3000 years old. I love the etchings.
This San Francisco artist from California is obsessed with the works of Norman Mailer. It is enshrined in a salted base.

Outdoor sculpture of a cement truck. Very impressive with all the wires that comprise the truck.
A very modern car in a bubble plastic. Brilliant red.
A roomful of spider webs that have been spray painted with enamel paint of various colours and then transferred onto
a canvas and framed.  Interesting work.

There are many more exhibits but flash photography was prohibited and space does not allow them to be seen. There are more traditional arts as well as some R rated work.  You will see more on the web site if you are interested. MONA Cinema also has excellent programs screening. I discovered a large library on the bottom floor and people are invited to come in and peruse the books   with plenty of seating in the reading room. I will have to go out there one day and explore the library. 

Saturday we went to Salamanca Market and experienced sun, clouds, rain, lunch, cappuccinos and beautiful flowers. Enjoy this sunflower called the "Double Double Sunflower". I must find the seeds for it to try to grow next year. Stunning flower.



  1. MONA is on my list of must-do galleries - such a sense of humour seems to be a work too there, as well as some stunning art.

  2. There is definitely something for everyone and some things that could be quite confronting but all seem to agree the building and location are gorgeous. I hope you get there one day. Maybe we can have a coffee together there sometime.

  3. MONA has popped up on my radar a couple of times and it looks amazing, how great to be able to go and explore it with family. :)

    1. Yes we are lucky. But you know how it is, we seem only to see the treasures in our own yard when people come to visit us.

  4. The art museum looks interesting, with lots of thought provoking exhibits.


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