Saturday, 7 March 2015

Another Saturday- They Sure Roll Around

Saturday and a few things on for today. I stayed up last night finishing off To Kill A Mockingbird and then had to think about it all. I will never comprehend the racism that went on in the south of the USA. Were people really that ignorant? I guess so.

Today is a shop at the local discount department store. We are having a fund raising BBQ tomorrow in front of one of the major hardware stores to raise money for the Dog's Home Auxiliary. I am in charge of bringing 100 cans of soft drink.
We raise money to buy things for the dogs. I don't do volunteer work AT the dog's home because I bond with all the dogs as soon as I make eye contact so I joined the Auxiliary and just help raise money for them. Three dogs and two cats is enough and I don't need to "bond" with anymore.

I have to buy the drinks for the BBQ and of course the store that has the cheapest one wins.  I think I'll pop my Kindle in the car and listen to The Rosie Project on the way down. It is one of those books that has been hanging around and I am sure I have listened to the same passage a dozen times. Need to get on with it and finish it. So the Rosie Project is the goal for today.

I am sure I am the last person in the world to read it. It is about a man with Aspergers Syndrome who uses a spreadsheet to record the traits he would like a future wife to have. Of course it all goes haywire and he ends up with someone who does all of the things on his list he does not like.  Of course everyone already knows that as I said, I am the last person to read/hear this book.
It is a fun book to listen to but not worth spending the amount of time hanging around as has happened.

Why is it we just have some books we don't get through but they're still interesting enough to hang on to. I hope to finish this off today and put it on the shelf.

The BBQ begins at 8:30 tomorrow morning and I'll be done with it by noon (my shift anyway).  We hope to raise over a $1000.00 on this thing. Fingers crossed.

I think another thing on my list for today is to choose the next book I want to read. I am still working away at books on my shelf for the TBR. I think I'll try to choose something a bit different so stay tuned to see what it is.

I need to do a walk around the yard today and pick up all the branches that fell during the terrific wind storm we had the other night. As there is no land mass between Tasmania and the continent of Africa the winds really can fly over the Southern Ocean and hit us head on. We had a cold front come through the other night and winds over 100 km per hour were pushing off the mountain and slamming into our yard. Branches, lawn furniture and even bark from trees were flying around half the night. Only one of my dogs was a bit nervous about it and she kept getting up to look around a bit. It really is impossible to sleep when a heavy wind is around. Looking forward to a quieter meteorological weekend.

This is a three day weekend for Labour Day or 8 Hour day as it is sometimes called. Three day weekends don't affect me as they did when I worked but I still seem to like them. A good excuse and as Mr . TP is working on a friend's farm maybe I'll shut myself in with a reading stint of uninterrupted time.  I would like to get a couple of more books caught up, started and finished by the end of March.


  1. a windstorm last december took about forty of our trees-good size hemlock and douglas fir, mostly. some cedar. hard to know what to do to prevent damage; just learn to accept it, i guess: global warming maybe. at any rate you must be more used to it there than we are on the west coast. commiserations.

  2. That is too bad about your trees. But I guess we can't argue with Mother Nature. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Goodness! That was quite a windstorm you had. Living in coastal New England for many years, we often had gales. Fortunately, we never had much damage. Glad to hear that you survived.

  4. You're definitely not the last person to read The Rose Project - that's me! I've looked at reviews, and even picked the book up a couple of times, and can't make my mind up whether to buy it. Will I like it, I ask myself... But, of course, I'll know that if I buy it and read it...

    1. Joan, we get a lot of big winds here. We just get used to them and stay away from the shallow rooted gum trees that often topple over.

      Christine, this book is pretty light weight, a bit of fluff. I would suggest you get it from the library if that is a possibility and save your money for something with a lot more substance. ☺

  5. You are not the last person to read The Rosie Project, my friend. I have it as my very next read, having given it to my mother years ago when I first received it to review; she recommended it to her book club of which I am a part so now I'll finally read it myself. (You'd think the poor publishers would stop sending me books for review when I do such a poor job of being timely about it.) I hear it's hilarious, though, and I am especially interested in reading it as I've worked with children with Ausperger's so often at school. I liked The Curious Incident of The Dog at Nighttime for the same reason.

    Love that you're helping the little ones, love dogs. And cats. And all His animals.

    As for people in the South? Yes, many people across the entire USA are so very ignorant and small minded. I was alive when Martin Luther King, Jr. was giving his speeches, although quite small, and every time I see how the Chief of Police in Birmingham let the fire houses, and the dogs, loose on the people, I can't even believe it myself.

  6. Sorry I am so late in responding but I do get there in the end. I worked with children with Aspergers too at school and always loved them. They were very personable interesting children. I always loved our conversations. As for commenting about the ignorant people around, well we just have to endure don't we. It never ends so just as well we have other things to focus on in life and we can only lead by example.


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