Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Sunday Wrap Up

I have decided to start a new feature on my blog for this year. I'll see how I go.  It will be the Sunday Wrap Up and I will simply reflect back on the week's activities.  The weeks go by so quickly and sometimes I wonder what I have achieved.  

I have been reading a couple of books this week, more on that soon and of course a couple of newspapers. Mainly, I notice I have been watching a lot of TV or more specifically the news.

In hindsight I don't think that was a good idea. The other night I listened to the radio the entire night as the BBC broadcast the events in France. This was the night (for us) that the police were closing in on the terrorists in France.  It was so interesting at the time but it wasn't the best for a mind trying to be upbeat.

This next week there will be a few changes. Hopefully nothing dire will happen in the world and if it does I won't spend my days living in it.

Odie (left) and Wally express their joy at being at the dog beach. I think this is my favourite picture of them.

I cannot believe how fast Sunday mornings seem to come along. Already January is almost half over. I think I want the world to stop for a few days and no one to move.

I am reading the book the Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Murakami and I will give my thoughts on that soon as I think I'll finish it today or tomorrow.  What a journey it has been.

I think the week went so fast because of all the bad news this week. Australia had a very sad domestic  situation that has been taking up a great deal of news and there is also the tragic events in France.

I really think I have reached a point where I just can't deal with anymore of really tragic news. It just seems non-stop and never ending. Each day seems to be worse than the day before.

Our beloved Uncle Buck and Cousin Eddie (right). They are the best of friends.

It is easy to say "Turn off the TV" but it hits from every angle. The media is everywhere.  I have decided I will just try and read and read and turn off all the screens a bit more.  Already I have turned off the screens at night. I can't bear the images that go through my head from newspapers, computer screens and televisions.

I am listening to The Rosie Project on audio book at night and I find an audio book can put me to sleep faster than anything else. Must be the narration that has a soothing tone. I can listen for 1/2 an hour but then start to fade out.

Odie with his most favourite thing in life, except maybe food.

I also organised my music for my iPod yesterday.  I am having to think differently how I interact with technology and news.  I don't think I am alone in this.

Well today promises to be a lovely day weather wise. 23 Degrees C (76 F) and we might get outdoors.  I also have all my silly animals to make me laugh too.  I think I will share a couple of their photos on here today in order to balance out the week.

I needed something really light and silly for today.  I also include my yellow sunflower. That is a funny story too.  Every year I plant sunflower seeds. I can see in my mind tall willowy sunflowers that people admire. All that ever pops up is a scrawny little thing that passes through its life in a week.  So this summer I found a lot of old seeds in drawers around the house. I have a big corrugated iron garden plot and I decided to rake it up, and just throw the seeds in and not look at it again except maybe to pull the occasional weed.  I walked out into the yard the other day and look at this flower that had unfurled after a big rain storm. Actually there were 2. I have them on the dining room table and they brighten my every morning.  It makes me laugh that I fuss and potter and nothing happens in  my garden but once I ignore it everything is blooming like mad.  Already I feel better.

I can't believe this grew in my backyard garden.

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