Saturday, 10 January 2015

Our Hearts Are In France

My blog is not political.  I also do not discuss religion.  But what has happened in France is neither religion nor politics. It is terrorism pure and simple by people that don't know what they are doing.

The irony of the situation is when terrorists conduct atrocious acts they only bring the people of the world closer together. People band together from every corner of the globe and become even stronger as a unit against the terrorists. I fail to see that the terrorists accomplish anything except utter mayhem for themselves.  Nobody wins in this situation.  The families lose their family members but the terrorists also lose everything close to them and their message gets completely lost in the united public demonstrations of support for the victims.

But now I will say no more and leave everyone with their own thoughts.

Our hearts are with the people in France as the French were with the Americans during 9-11 and Australia during the recent Sydney siege.  As all good people in the world are, who are the vast majority, in times of crisis and terror.

I hope justice reigns in this case. I believe it will.

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