Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Man Booker Prize 2014- Our Tasmanian Local

It would be remiss of me to not congratulate Richard Flanagan of TASMANIA  for winning the Man Booker Prize of 2014.  It is really exciting. Only Patrick White and Thomas Keneally from Australia have won it in the past.  This really does put Tasmania on the literary world map.

The book is the Narrow Road to the Deep North.  I was given this book for Christmas last year and I saved it to read before the July date for the book group meeting. However when July came I must admit there was so much terrible news in the media about war, beheadings, Malaysia airlines being shot down that I could not bring myself to read the book that month.  I just wanted to read something light hearted and not so grim.

However, hearing Richard talk about the book after his award win made me realise, as he said, the book is about love, not war.  So think it is time to bring this book off the shelf and get stuck into it.

Even the lovely author Tim Winton said at a book signing and lecture I attended last year about this book what a genius of work it is. Then he realised he was flogging somebody else's book and got back to his own.  He couldn't speak highly enough about it.

So everyone out there in our big wide world, put this book down on your Australian books to read soon.  Having read other works by Richard Flanagan I know it will be brilliant.

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