Monday, 13 October 2014

Finally Got My Act Together......

I haven't written a post for what seems like ages but I am probably the only person that bothers.  I enjoy writing posts because it keeps me anchored a bit in my mostly unstructured life of retirement.

Yesterday we had a beautiful spring day.  Our motorbike group was going on a ride yesterday I didn't really fancy going on so I headed out south to the Huon Valley of Tasmania.  It is really beautiful.  The destination in mind was a shed of a book shop in Huonville.  Really it is a shed and you can barely turn around in it. They have thousands of books all stacked up.
This is Huonville area. Beautiful area to scooter through and look for books.
The photos I took inside the shed didn't come out because it is quite dark and I only had my phone camera. Next time I'll be sure to take my proper camera because it really is a sight to behold.

At the best of times it is hard to see what they have but the owner told me she was starting to paint the place and had moved everything.  The aisle to the Penguins was literally a metre by half a metre.  I reached up as high as I could but another section of Penguins was unattainable.

You have to walk through a narrow path in the garden to get to the books.
I could not reach them. I could not get to them. I could see them. Many Penguins at the back of the piles. However the piles of books were eye level and there was no way I could move them.  I will go back and hopefully they will be accessible.

I know they are there.

I have been reading a bit lately and will put up a bit about those books because one of them in particular was very good.  But in the meantime here are the Penguins I did find that I didn't have in my collection.

I have no idea about this story or author. 

I particularly like this book cover because it is quite humorous.  I also collect old books about dogs.

This is also an author I have not heard of.

I  certainly know of John Updike but had no knowledge of this book. Never heard of it.

Oh,, and on an unrelated note. I have to put up a photo of my little dog Molly too. It will make you laugh. I had washed a bunch of towels.We go through a lot of towels what with three dogs and two cats and rainy muddy days of late.

I dumped them onto the couch to fold them later on because I needed the basket. When I came back to them Molly, my smallest dog beat me to them. She loves to burrow.  Made me laugh. I hope it makes you laugh too.

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