Sunday, 8 September 2013

Book Information Challenge Item 8

Quick !  Write 15 Things That Appeal to You On Blogs

1.   I like blogs to be personable. I like to get to know the authors of the blogs on a more   

personal level. That way they become friends.

2.  Some book reviews seem sterile. They go on for ages in tiny print.  I'm not doing a 

university course, I just want to hear about the book you read. I also have very old eyes.

3. Humour-  Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself, the author or the book. Keep it light. There is 

    already too much serious stuff in the world. I read blogs for fun.

4.  Photos. Love, Love, Love photos

5.  Include other things on your blog besides just book reviews. Like travel photos, or photos 

of your town or pets. Or flowers in your back yard or a bug in a tree. I don't care, just love 
your photos. 

6.  Photos of book covers. Love photos of book covers.  I don't read blogs that are only text 

detailing a book. Book covers or illustrations within the book add so much more to your  

7.  Let me know how the book made you feel. Many people read to find an escape from their own lives. It's great if I know you laughed or cried your way through a book. I'll more than likely want to visit that place. 

8.  What other bookish things do you like to do? Share photos of books shops you visit, libraries, museums or tell me about a book festival you went to or about your book club.

9. I love to know about the area where you live. Talk about weather or things you've done. If you went to the park pop in a photo. I have learned so much about the world simply by enjoying postings of places other bloggers visit on a weekend. It is like a miniature holiday.

10.  I like to hear about any of your books. You might have something quirky from childhood. Post it up for fun.

11. Don't get too snobby. Denigrating what other bloggers do or read is not a nice look. Okay so you don't like the writing of Bryce Courtenay but millions did and he seemed a lovely man. Readers do not need be judgmental of what others read. Totally unnecessary. 

12.  I like to hear bloggers talk about books or experiences with books perhaps they had as a younger person/child. I have read some funny accounts of people dealing with book shop owners or others meeting up when they find they are both reading the same book in a park.

13. Book news in your community. Is an author coming to talk? Has something quirky happened at the local book shop? Did you attend a lecture or festival? Love to hear about it from your perspective.

14.  Reply to comments left.  Why should I comment on your blog if you don't ever respond? If you can't respond to comments once in awhile then please don't ask me to leave them. 

15.  Please do not post up book spoilers without a warning and a few blank lines before they begin. I have had more than one book ending spoiled by someone going straight into the ending.

There you have it. I'd love to know if others can add anything to this list.  Blogging is fun. Making friends with bloggers is fun. Hearing from other bloggers is fun. To me that is what it is all about.  Happy reading.  


  1. Great insights on blogs!
    I agree about the pictures especially.
    Wish I'd remember to take more to post on Facebook. Lately all I've been photographing is what a disaster my condo is from the water leak! I should take pics of the birds along the canal when I walk each morning....and the flowers.

  2. About "tiny print" -- to enlarge the print on your computer screen, try holding the CONTROL key and clicking on the plus (+) sign key. Using CONTROL with the minus (-) sign key will make the print smaller. I read this somewhere and have been using it for a year or so. I can't guarantee it works on Macs, since I have a PC laptop, but it works for me.

  3. We tend to photograph what is taking place at the time. No doubt you'll be taking photos of other things soon .

  4. Thanks Bonnie, I often do this. Old eyes and all. Haha


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