Thursday 5 September 2013

Book Information Challenge Day 6

How Do I Buy Books?  Let Me Count The Ways

I buy books in fits and starts 
On impulse
After reading reviews
Watching book shows
Seeing what others read
In cafes
Or on busses
By the looks of their covers
Because others tell me what to read?
Sometimes I buy them more than once
If I'm not paying attention- hmm
Those that are translated
Others not
Many with pictures
Others are blank
In Summary
If it has two covers
And pages in the middle
If it smells like a book
If it cracks like a book
If it's in reach
Then out comes the purse
Into the bag and  home to the shelf. 
Am I addicted?
Well maybe
Just a little?
Okay,so I'm hopeless


  1. Love this! Also recognize myself in some of those habits ;-)

  2. Thanks JoAnn, glad to know I am not alone :-)

  3. I wouldn't say hopeless, I'd say vigilant. Beacause, after all, that perfect book way still be out there, waiting for you to find it ...

    1. Some people are too kind. haha Thanks for your comment.

  4. *grin* To paraphrase my grandfather, I'm only buying books when I'm not not buying them...

    1. I think I would like your grandfather. He makes a lot of sense. Love the comment Alex.

  5. Or following Jane's comment, even "hopeful" - that the book I really need to read is waiting for me, on a shelf somewhere :)

    1. You guys are all so positive. My problem is I think every book I see is meant for me. There are just so many I love.


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