Tuesday 11 June 2013

Picked out Number 2 in Hobart Hide-Seek Book Jar

source: Hide-Seek Hobart by Campisi & Brady
If you are in touch with your inner 8 year old as much as I am you'd be impatient waiting until a full week  goes by for the Saturday market.  I drew from the Hobart Hide-Seek Book Jar and my assigned visit is a Japanese design stall at Hobart's Salamanca Market. However today is Tuesday, it looks beautiful outside and not too cold so thought I'd pick another page number from this charming little book because I can't wait until Saturday.   New projects are always so much fun.

So drum roll- I opened the jar, put my hand into the bottom, wondering if it would get stuck, it didn't, and picked out page number 056.  Page 056 is the Citrus Moon Cafe in Kingston."Woo hoo" you might have heard me cry.

The road to Kingston is a highway heading south out of Hobart and the cafe is 20 minutes away. However the motorbike world always goes to Kingston via Taroona, the community along the River Derwent and full of twisty roads and beautiful scenery.

It takes about 30 minutes to get there going the scenic route.  Taroona itself is interesting in many ways but more recently is known for being the hometown of Princess Mary of Denmark.

Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark
She and Frederik met each other during the 2000 Sydney Olympics when Mary was working as a Sydney real estate agent. They met, they spoke, they fell in love and she gave up everything here and became the Royal Princess, daughter in law to Queen Margrethe II.  She learned Danish, she learned about being a royal and she has done so beautifully. Hobart has embraced the entire experience. They now have 4 children, including twins and they too are beautiful.

Now you have just travelled with the Penguin through Taroona. There is also military history there and a beautiful old Shot Tower one can visit though I have never been up in it. Maybe when I pick one of the Random draws.

The thing that has always bothered me the most about the Princess Mary story is that her mother died before Mary met her prince.  So she never knew her daughter became a member of Danish Royalty.

But back to Citrus Moon cafe.  I go to that area quite a bit because the Kingston Dog Beach is just a block or two away and I often take my dogs down there.

Citrus Moon Cafe has lovely food and drink, however in the summer time it seems to be a meeting place of all things "PRAM". Yes very young babies and toddlers who very often do that "out of the blue, high pitched shriek right behind your back that makes the hair on your arms stand up".

The Yummy Mummies are there and it is a great place for them to hang out.  I love seeing them enjoy themselves but maybe not the place to take a book and quietly read?  I'll let you know once my visit is finished. My aim is to see if there is anything there to read, if it's suitable to reading and will I need my ear plugs or not.  I'll take a few photos to share with you.  Stay tuned and I'll let you know in the next day or two.


  1. Hi, Pam--
    I have quite a fascination for royalty, as you know. Thanks for this entry.

    BTW, your blog is now on my "Blogs of Substance" list. I will enjoy visiting regularly!

    Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)

    1. Thank you Judith. I enjoy a bit of Royalty Watching. I like following Mary and Frederick. They are very down to earth and absolutely gorgeous people. Thank you for adding my blog to your blog. haha I love going through my list every couple of days and seeing what people are reading and doing in the world.


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