Saturday 1 June 2013

LIbrary Loot

Isn't it always the way.  I just went through my own books to see what I want to read next and I also need to finish my book for the Fuller's Book Club which meets on Monday at our local indie shop, Fullers.

Then I receive an email that a whole pile of books are ready to pick up at the library. As I was going into town I thought I'd stop by and see what they are.

I won't get a chance by any means to read them all in 3 weeks and probably as most of them have other holds on them I'll need to get them back when due but will see how I go.

 This is the one I want to look at first. It sounds fascinating. I know I've read a review of it somewhere but heaven knows where.    It's the story of Typhoid Mary, an Irish immigrant in New York at the turn of the 20th century who becomes the most dangerous woman in America. Sounds really interesting.

 No I do not have a 21st Century kitchen. I have a 70's kitchen.Very 70's though there is pretty good space in it and as long as we have animals, one of which still has wee accidents on the floor this will not change. Her little wee towel sets in the kitchen corner as she gets up in the night and uses it. Luckily she is only 5 kg small and has small wees. She is shy. She doesn't like anyone to see her go. So no use in having a very modern kitchen when the animals run this household. But I can maybe look forward to one and enjoy the photos.
 I had to get this not because everyone is reading it but because I loved Olive Kitteridge so much. Enough said.

I really dislike this cover as it appears to be a total rip off of the Clockwork Orange design that Penguin books published years ago. I don't like copy cats. I don't even know what this book is about but I read a review or it wouldn't have been on the library wish list with 300 other books on it.
Looking at the back of it now it reads
"August Pullman wants to be an ordinary ten year old. He does ordinary things. He eats ice cream. He plays on his Xbox. He feels ordinary- inside.
But Auggie is far from ordinary. Ordinary kids don't make other ordinary kids run away screaming in playgrounds. Ordinary kids don't get stared at wherever they go."       Hmmm interesting??
 Another book to drool over the photos. Yes our 70's house is small. Rooms are small. Animals are small. Spaces to hide out are small. The views are excellent though from the front window. The only reason we are in the house and the yards are fenced with high fences for lots of animal games.  But this is how people live who do not have 3 dogs and 2 cats that shake and then watch each other's fur in the shafts of sunlight.  Even if they are brushed regularly. These rooms in this book could house people with all sorts of allergies without even a sneeze.  Anyone coming to our house risks anaphalaxis.

 Our back yard goes up hill. Straight up hill and is covered with bushes. There is a patio area out back that we enclosed with lattice walls and laser light roof so it is possible to go out back. There is also a sloping front yard. My dogs play frisbee there and I sit in a lounge chair that is angled like a child's playground slide. I want to scoop out an area of front yard and make it flat so I can sit on a chair that is level.  I'm hoping I might get some ideas from this book.

This is an audio book.  I checked it out because I have never read anything by this author and thought it might be fun to listen to a bit of something classic. I enjoy classics in the audio format as long as it is completely unabridged. I do not like abridged books.  We'll see if I get to it or not. It's only 5 discs so not many.
 I just heard the best interview on tv the other day on ABC Tuesday Book club that is aired on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting).  I thought as I haven't read Ian Rankin I might have a listen to this, time permitting. Also my husband T. goes to the gym and is always looking for things to listen to as he walks the treadmill so this might be the go.

Same thing with this book. For the gym workout as T. really likes her. Laughs out loud.

Well that's the Loot for this three week period.  Now I only need to read these, listen to these and then finish the book group book and start on the book group book for July. Easy.  Especially since I'm such a very slow reader.  Will let you know how I go.

Get ready- Set- GO!


  1. Got a kick out of your comments of each book! Can't imagine dealing with all those in 3 weeks, even if you don't read them all.
    It's time for me to make another visit to the library Book Nook where they sell paperbacks for 50 cents and $1. Love having them on my shelves so I can pick what I'm in the mood for each time.

    1. Our library sells their discharged books as well but I don't buy them. I have about 4000 books in the house and I'm wanting to downsize not bring in too many other books but I understand how nice it is having them on the shelves.

  2. Your library is like mine. Slaps the barcode on the cover. Really ruins a pretty cover. Wonder sounds interesting. Hope you get a few of them read before they have to go back.

    1. Thanks LInda. Yes! I don't know why they don't put bar codes on the back or inside cover. Guess it makes for faster handling. I've started the Typhoid Mary book. Very interesting so far.

  3. Oh, the Typhoid Mary book looks fascinting - in a disturbing kind of way! and I had to laugh about the pet fur. I had a friend who couldn't even come in the door of my apartment, even when it was only two cats. (It's only two cats now, actually - lease restrictions.)

  4. Ha ha a bit of a laugh about other people understanding pet fur. Have begun the Typhoid Mary book and not gory, but very interesting so far. Enjoying it.

  5. Yes, I could have written this post myself! :) We only get three weeks, too, which is never enough time--even for one or two books let alone a whole pile and a pile (in my case anyway) of books already in progress from my own book stacks! At least it looks like a few are chock full of visuals so maybe you can do some good perusing and not feel as though you didn't even get to crack the book open before sending it back. Fever looks good and would be at the top of my pile, too.

    1. Hi Danielle,
      I think you're right about a good look through the photo ones. I can always check them out again. Good news though is if noone has a hold on them I can renew them twice for 3 weeks each time so a good 9 weeks should well and truly be enough time. Thanks for dropping by!


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