Tuesday, 19 February 2013

What an interesting idea to catch up........

.......on all those unfinished books.  I saw this idea in the Sunday newspaper the other day. It was actually meant for people who have several credit cards they haven't paid off.  As I only have one credit card with a small outstanding balance I wasn't too concerned but I do enjoy reading the financial pages of the Sunday paper.
The Barefoot Investor is a young man named Scott Pape and he has some good ideas.

He mentioned if one has several debts it is easier to lay them out as dominoes are laid out. Start with the smallest one due and then the next larger one and so forth. You leave the largest one, such as the house mortgage at the end.  You would then pay them off in order. Get rid of those smaller ones.

Sunday I caught up with several blogs and I noticed again that several people had mentioned (including myself) that we have too many books on the go.  I thought to myself perhaps I could do the domino routine with my books.

Lay them out according to the least number of pages left to read or the priority of needing to read them.

I have four books I want to finish quickly. However I find I am going slowly.  Being in a great mood today as the temperatures have dropped significantly over night and we had some very heavy rain this morning I felt complete relief. Let's hope it lasts until all the fires are out around this state.

I thought with my own domino presentation I would read the two short stories waiting in my book Four Stories by American Woman. I have been dilly dallying around with this book for far too long. Life in the Iron Mills by Rebecca Harding Davis is only 38 pages long. Shame I have not finished it. The next one to finish off this lovely book is Souls Belated by Edith Wharton which is also only 30+ pages.

Should be able to flip that domino over in no time. Next is finishing up The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed out the Window by Jonas Jonasson. A most quirky little book I have been enjoying but keep setting it aside for no explainable reason , really.

Then I need to read Perfume by Patrick Suskind which I have not started yet. I have been strongly advised by friends to read this since posting up The Pigeon by him also. A good friend of mine had a copy and she handed it to me and said, "Read it" as I handed her the Pigeon and also said "Read".

Last one on the list of dominoes (this round anyway) is The Road Less Travelled by Mike Tong Lee. Mike is a good friend who rides a motorbike. He began this hobby, sport, obsession once retired and has written about how he took the plunge, bought his bikes, rode to a rally in Queensland from Tasmania and how he continues to really enjoy the world of motorbiking.  I put this book at the end of the 'game' so to speak as I am looking forward to reading it very  much and seeing if I can spot people in it whom I know. I do hope there are juicy bits about them.

So although I finish this post with still a bit of debt on my credit card, I do have a plan to finish off these four books and hopefully put the dominoes back in their box where they belong when they aren't being played with.   Does anyone else have dominoes lying around their house they can make a pattern with?


  1. I was advised about this financial strategy once when I was having some credit card issues - and it really did work. I'd never have thought about applying to books, though.

  2. Just a bit of fun Lisa. We'll see if it works. hee hee

  3. I have dominoes! (The strategy sounds like sound common sense, too, but it was the dominoes that really excited me!) ;-)

    1. I have not seen real dominoes in ages. Would be fun to have a box of them. Thanks for your comment Vicki.

  4. This sounds a great way to slice through the stack of nearly-finisheds and already-beguns. :)


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