Monday 18 February 2013

Question: What to do on a HOT day?

The Derwent Valley just to the southwest of Hobart.
Everything looks like dead straw.
Answer: Find an air conditioned book shop or charity shop that sells books.  Today is HOT. I keep reading the English blogs and hear about the cold. I wish we could share some temperatures.  It is almost 5:00 pm and it is 34 degrees C or 95 F.  As Tasmania is not generally a state that gets a great deal of heat we really feel it when we do.
Yesterday was my weekly motorbike group ride and it was hot and dry. Fires continue to rage nearby and everyone keeps an eye on the wind direction.

But when these days are here we must make the best of them. My house doesn't have air conditioning and with 5 pets who all want to sit on me if I sit down to read something all that fur drives me mad.
Normally our landscape is green and lush. We're in drought but rain
is predicted for tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
So today I got in the car. Turned the air conditioning on and the car was definitely the place to be. No animals, just coolness. Then decided I needed to drive some place to continue to enjoy the coolness. I know the charity shops tend to be cool. Especially Vinnie's.  The Red Cross shop wasn't bad either. I haven't been in either of these shops for several weeks to do a bit of Penguin Hunting so thought today was a good day to do it.

Took my $15.00 I had in my purse and had quite a find.  Enjoy the photos as I enjoyed the coolness.
The Hops fields are doing well as they are irrigated. Located
near a river at least the beer crop shouldn't suffer this year.

I really enjoy these original
Penguin classics.  This is L 13 published
in 1949 complete with beautiful dust jacket.
Penguin No 2556, a humorous look at
British law and "the shrinking rights
of the individual in the British Courts.
Common Sense- Uncommon Law- and Fun

An lovely old cover of Joseph Conrad.
Number 2062- published in 1963 by Penguin.

A story of "what happened when Prohibition closed
down the Old Ship, one of the last Inns of
England. Published 1958 by Penguin. Number 1338

A very humorous illustration on front
cover.  Story is about Silvio a rich Italian dilettante and his beautiful young wife firmly agree to forgo their nightly love making so he will have the energy to write a successful
novel. This is the tale of what goes wrong with
that decision.  Published in Penguin 1964. No 2072
This book looks like it should have been
published as a non fiction Pelican but has come through
as one of the main series numbers (2063).
One of the later Penguins. 
This appears to be an out of print Australian
Aboriginal tale of a young Aboriginal girl from
Adelaide who explores Melbourne in the sixties.
Sounds interesting and haven't seen it before
from Magabala Books

I can never go past a good reference book
regarding books about books. This has enormous
amounts of knowledge about the plot lines of well known
classics and their authors.  A great one for dipping into and out of.

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